The COVID-19 pandemic has created many changes in our daily lives, and our businesses are no exception to these changes. Between new safety precautions and virtual offices, there have been many changes to how we’ve kept our organizations both safe and functioning during the pandemic.

Making Adjustments

The biggest things businesses have learned from the pandemic is how to adjust and learn as you go. When the World Health Organization declared the global pandemic and the CDC implemented restrictions to keep us safe, many of the normal ways that we interact with each other in a professional setting have been changed. Things like in-person meetings, working in our usual offices, and more social distancing have caused huge changes in normal workflows.

Hiring in the COVID Era

Hiring is something else that has drastically changed because of COVID-19. Adjusting to completely, or mostly, virtual hiring and training has been a huge change that coronavirus has caused. Now, hiring is mostly through virtual and phone interviews. Though many hiring plans were derailed due to the pandemic, as businesses begin to recover hiring is resuming with the right hiring tools. Documents that were once filled out by hand are not getting filled out, signed, and processed virtually instead of in person. These changes make the hiring process different, but they aren’t making hiring much more difficult than it once was — it just takes some time to adjust.

Virtual Training

With the need for virtual and long-distance training, many products have come around that can help you and your business with training new and old employees alike. Online training is a lot easier when you have a program that can help you with the basics, such as integrating Zoom calls into your training, secure online document transfers, top-tier training in whatever your field may be, and training materials that are specific to your customers and business. Online employee training can be difficult, but with the right tools and proper online training solutions, it’s a lot easier.

Many of the struggles that businesses have faced due to the pandemic will go away once we are safe again, but the solutions to those problems will be around for years to come. The innovation in areas like online hiring and training will make businesses run easier in the future.

How has your business changed because of the pandemic? Let us know in the comments!

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