Close to 76 % of architects, 84% of contractors, and 90% of engineers use modular construction procedures on several projects. A study in 2011 revealed that prefab construction was very popular for particular commercial applications:42% of the respondents used these procedures to construct manufacturing facilities, 42% used them for constructing dormitories and college buildings, and 49% used them for healthcare facilities. Besides, modular construction is also becoming more popular in hotels. For example, Marriot International vowed to modularly construct at least 13% of their North American developments back in 2017. More organizations have also followed suit through appreciating the benefits of modular office buildings. Modular warehouse offices have much to offer people in the warehousing business. Those prefabricated office spaces can quickly be developed to house different departments where productive operations can be undertaken. But what makes modular offices more popular?

Considerable Flexibility

Through warehouse partitioning, you can easily prefabricate a modular warehouse office where you can operate from or use the space as a storage area. You get to come up with portable office walls that can be modified to create additional space in the future. This ensures you can easily switch from one business to another and make sure you can quickly come up with an in-plant office. Besides, there are different designs of modular warehouse offices you can take advantage of in order to come up with an office space that will adequately serve the task at hand.


Every company appreciates the fact that the market is always competitive in nature. Therefore, an organization has to be efficient and productive to keep up with the cutthroat competition. In that connection, supervisors are instructed to go around and ensure employees are working towards achieving the company’s goals and mission. For easier supervision, building modular in-plant offices is a necessity, even in a warehouse. Supervisors can move from one modular warehouse office to another to assess the ongoing operations. This approach will minimize the cases of absenteeism and ensure every employee is productive.

Easy Flow of Information

For an organization to succeed, there has to be a proper flow of information through appropriate communication channels. The free interactions at the workplace are likely to lead to productive collaborations geared towards enhancing warehousing operations. With modular warehouse offices, communication between managers and other employees will be much easier. A manager can visit the different in-plant offices to deliver critical information and monitor the progress of the project at hand. There is also the privacy aspect which will make employees work with minimal distractions.

Easy Installation

Modular construction provides for quicker construction times while maintain giving you value for your money. In fact, a Chinese modular construction recently built a 57-story building within 19 days. This shows that, indeed, coming up with a modular warehouse office saves time. Some of these offices can be acquired while already prefabricated. Therefore, the remaining hurdle will be the installation bit which takes a short period. All you need is to hire an expert in installing prefabricated offices, and you are good to go. If you also want to change your modular office’s design or overall outlook, you can again do so in a short time. The prefabricated walls and space can be altered to fit the specifications of your dream office.


Modular construction continues to gain more traction as time goes by. According to FMI’S Prefabrication and Modularization in Construction Survey carried out in 2013, about 40% of contractors considered their modular and prefab construction capabilities as part of their company’s strategic initiative. To date, more organizations have incorporated this type of construction into their premises. Warehouse partitioning has become a trend in many warehouses due to their ability to provide ready storage space and a conducive working area.

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