Full color led signs

A wide range of consumer studies have shown the overwhelming benefits of eye-catching and easy to read signage. These studies have shown that people will make decisions based on the signs they see while driving and new things catch their eyes, so being able to frequently change what the sign says is most effective.

The most effective way to accomplish this is with an LED marquee sign. A school marquee should be a good size, visible from the road, and a full color LED sign to get the greatest impact. This will make it highly visible regardless of the nature light level, and it will be easy to read. LED signs are highly effective due to the sharp contrast in colors, which make them extremely easy to read.

To get the most out of school LED signs, the message should be changed regularly. It doesn’t have to be changed daily per-say, but the more often it is changed, the more people will watch for it to see what it says. A stagnant sign will quickly get ignored. Changing it regularly will also send the message that the school is on top of things and nothing is overlooked.

The message needs to be short and sweet. A driver has mere seconds to look at the sign while traveling past. If there is a long written message with lots of words, they aren’t going to be able to read it all in one pass. The message should be easy to consume in seconds.

If the school sign board has the ability to show graphics, use it. You don;t always need a written message. IF you can put graphics on the sign, don’t waste that feature. Utilize it along with written messages and announcements.

People like funny. A quick google search will show you an endless number of funny church marquee signs that people took photos of an posted online. Funny messages will get people’s attention. School marquee sign can post funny messages too; they don’t always have to be serious announcements.

Research shows that people will record phone numbers and websites they see on signs. Use this information to the benefit of your school by posting that information when it is appropriate. For example, if the school is hosting an event that will be open to the community, you can’t post all the information on the sign and still make it easy to read in seconds. However, you can post a message telling people to go to your website for information.

Keep in mind that if you direct people to your website, you need to make sure the website is regularly updated with accurate information and is user-friendly. Directing people to the website, but making it difficult for them to find the information they are looking for is counterproductive because it will make the school look bad. Likewise, providing a phone number is only effective if the person who answers the phone knows what information is being sought.

A school marquee is a perfect place to congratulate teachers or students that accomplished something great. The marquee is also ideal for announcing happy news; the football team beat their rivals or the choir is going to state competition. People love good news and sharing it will the whole community reflects positively on the school.

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