Led business signs

When it comes to school signs, you’ve seen them all. There are the once beautiful wood painted signs. These signs were once a beautiful tribute to the school, but have been badly beaten by the weather and quickly start to look decrepit and unprofessional. Painted wood signs can be kept looking great through yearly maintenance which may include taking the sign down, making repairs, and repainting. There is so much maintenance involved, the school might as well be buying a new sign each year.

There are also the school marquee signs with the plastic runners and clear plastic cards with bold black letters on them. These are the signs where you have to slide all the letters off and slide the new letters on in order each time you want to change what the sign says. Because all the elements of the sign are plastic, they break down pretty quickly with regular use and exposure to the elements.

The marquee signs are also time consuming to change. Letters may go missing, which means you have to get creative sometimes using the number six as the letter b, or using the upside down letter w as the letter m. We’ve all seen it. Letters can also fall down or off once the sign is up, which leaves drivers wondering what the sign was supposed to say.

There are also the back-light signs. These are the thin plastic signs that sometimes look like a box because they have light bulbs inside to make the sign light up at night. The problems with these types of signs are obvious. First, they are almost always difficult to read. If a light bulb burns out, they are nearly impossible to read. They also require a lot of maintain as the plastic sign will show wear and tear being exposed to the elements.

Study after study has shown from a consumer point of view that signage is vitally important to the success of a business. Consumers report making shopping decisions while drive, they report only knowing where businesses are located due to their street signs, and they report forming an opinion about a business based on their visible signage.

Outdoor LED signs are the easiest for rivers to read day or night when going by a location. This information can easily be applied to schools. School LED signs make it easy for those traveling by the school to recognize that it is a school, see where the main entrance is,and see what is going on.

School LED signs send a clear message to those around the school that they are professional and committed to excellence in everything they do. Even public schools have becoming increasingly competitive as open enrollment and decreasing state funds have forced them to work to attract more students. This means always putting your best foot forward.

Even for those living around the school that do not have school-age children, it is essential to always communicate excellence because those are the people you will depend on to vote when it comes time to need a school levy. Showing the community that you are interested in saving money in practical ways that do not negatively impact the students is essential.

School LED signs are also cost effective. LED lights are extremely low wattage and last longer than all other light bulbs on the market. This means the district is demonstrating fiscal responsibility. For schools and districts facing a decrease in funding, cutting costs is more than about appearance, it is essential in order to maintain all student services.

School LED signs are also much earlier to maintain. They stand up better to the elements. They will not need replaced or repainted every year. They will not need to be constantly repaired. They make it easier to frequently change the message on the sign, which can be used to quickly and easily communicate with students, parents, and the community. They can be changed remotely in a matter of minutes, which also saves money and human resources.

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