Carpets and especially the ones in offices encounter a lot of foot traffic. Fortunately, they are designed for that specific purpose. Office carpets are made from robust fabric that can withstand wear and tear over a long period of time. However, this does not mean that such carpets can outlast their lifespan no matter how less frequently they experience foot traffic not forgetting that there is always a limit with regards to how much foot traffic an office carpet can withstand. The ideological understanding behind foot traffic and wear of carpets is that even the best carpets will eventually give up. After this happens, the only option left is to invest in a new floor carpet.

The good news is that there are ways that you can actually improve the lifespan of your office carpet. For starters, you can first focus on the floor without the carpet whereby you can install a floor protection board especially on areas with high foot traffic. Apart from breathable floor protection boards, having a carpet protector is an amazing way of taking care of your carpet. Installed using a carpet protection tape, a carpet shield acts as a barrier between the carpet and people’s feet or office chair wheels. The carpet protection tape is meant to hold the carpet protector in place.

Which is the Right Carpet Protector for Me?
There are two major types of carpet protectors. There is the plastic carpet protector whereby a carpet protection tape is used to hold the protector in place. The other type of carpet protector is the one made from a gel-lie substance. This is the one that confuses most people as they are not sure the effect that such a protector will have on the surface protection of the floor. Before choosing your preferred type of protector, make sure you take into consideration the kind of environment that your carpet is exposed to. If you are in a highly industrialized work environment such as a warehouse or a factory, then you can expect that your carpet will be getting dirty very frequently. This means that your choice of protector should be one that protects the carpet from common stains and dirt. In such a situation, a plastic carpet protector would work perfectly.

Apart from ease of installation using a carpet protection tape, it is common knowledge that plastics are highly resistant to dirt, dust and spills. If the carpet protection tape is sealed with the kind of accuracy that ensures that no dirt or spills can get to your carpet, then you can expect plastic carpet protectors to offer you the best carpet protection in an environment where there is high foot traffic and incidences of spills and excessive dirt. On the other hand, the gel-based carpet protector cannot be described as being as versatile as the plastic protector. Here, you are not required to use carpet protection tape when installing the gel-based carpet protector. Such protectors are less expensive which will definitely save you money and work perfectly in a work environment with moderate foot traffic.

One of the amazing benefits of these carpet protectors apart from offering office and construction dust control is that they are more transparent compared to the plastic office protectors. This gives your office a more unique and professional look as one can hardly tell the difference between the carpet and the protector. If you work in a purely corporate environment with little or no industrial processes, then the gel-based carpet protector should be your protector of choice.

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