Just like the right metalworking fluids are necessary to keep manufacturing equipment up and running, every type of compressor needs a specific type of lubricant. Compressor fluids vary by viscosity and chemical makeup, and not every lubricant works on every type of compressor.

It’s crucial to use the right oil for your compressor to prevent unplanned equipment breakdowns that can cost you an entire day’s work. But do you determine which oil compressor fluids are right for your compressor? Start with your equipment manufacturer.

Use your compressor manufacturer as your guide

Consulting your owner’s manual isn’t just recommended when you’re fixing your car. It’s also recommended for manufacturing equipment and air compressors, too. This is because you need to tailor the characteristics of the lubricant you choose to meet the needs of your compressor’s oil circuits.

Consult your owner’s manual or contact your compressor manufacturer directly to figure out which types of oils work best for your compressor. If you can’t get ahold of your manufacturer, you can also consult with your service technician or your air compressor supplier.

Stick to oils that are specifically meant for compressors

It’s important not to use a generic lubricant with your air compressor. An air compressor is a mechanically complex machine and it’s commonly used in challenging conditions that the average generic lubricant can’t handle.

Remember that generic lubricants’ viscosities can change in different conditions, especially if they’re not synthetic. Compressor fluids are specifically created and tested with unique additive packages that are designed to meet the demands of these complex machines. Less than 1% of a compressor fluid will be acidic when the oil reaches its condemning limit for TAN. That said, stick to compressor fluids and skip the generic metalworking fluids.

Choose a high-quality supplier

A crucial part of finding the right compressor oil is to find a high-quality supplier. Quality oils will neutralize and control harmful acids in your compressor with advanced formulations to deliver a superior performance. Quality oils help you improve compressor reliability and extend the life of your air compressor parts.

It’s essential to choose the right compressor oil to prolong the life of your compressor and to reduce the risk of an unexpected equipment shutdown.

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