After losing someone close to you, a funeral home will be the most ideal to handle the burial or cremation arrangements for you. They do everything including planning the service, the funeral and getting the body ready. It is also easy to discuss with them exactly what you want. Families and individuals own about 86% of the funeral homes in the US or owned by individuals. Being a private business, you are free to discuss and request them to offer specifically what you want in the funeral service. Besides, in the funeral arrangements, they will include buying anything you need to give the deceased a decent send-off.

Making the funeral plans
Before you decide which among the thousands of funeral homes available online to call, think about the services you want. If you just make a call without knowing what you want, you might end up with the most expensive package. Some of the things included in the expensive package may not be necessary. Things such as embalming and dressing the body are not needed if you are looking for cremation services. Burial is costlier than cremation because it includes a casket, embalming, a plot and the outer burial container.

Get the Price List
After coming up with a funeral planning checklist, start calling funeral homes. Go straight to the point, ask for their price lists. Most funeral service providers will give you immediately. The list has expounded details about their services and the total costs. You can go through it without being pressured by anyone and select the funeral costs you and your family can afford. If a funeral service provider wants you to pick the price list, send a friend who is willing to help you in the funeral arrangements. Funerals homes tend to insist you go to their office because they want to give you ideas for memorial services and the whole funeral in general.

Call several funeral services
Most people are too heartbroken to shop around for the most affordable provider. This is why they end up paying too much without knowing it. Every funeral director trusted by a family to lead funeral arrangements should call multiple funeral homes. You will realize that some overcharge while others have affordable funeral services.

Plan the funeral service
The deceased must have had a close relationship with you if you are the one in charge of the funeral planning. So apart from planning a decent send-off, you would like to celebrate the loved one. If you take charge in the funeral service planning, you can lower the costs of the funeral by getting a free venue for the service such as a church, retirement facility, a public hall or just do it in your home.
If your budget does not allow, you can skip the viewing. Also, you can go for cremation services to eliminate some of the enormous costs associated with burial such as funeral caskets

Since funerals are always tough, the best thing one can do is plan their funeral basics. This makes sure that those left behind do not have strain financially to meet the funeral costs.

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