The word of business is not easy to navigate for people who own businesses. There are many layers when it comes to building a business that is going to be successful. For many people, even starting from the top in terms of who you hire and staff for your business is important in playing a crucial role for your business.

One of the most important aspects of running a business is a culmination of many important things, and this is keeping customers. Understanding what customers want is not easy and yet there are a few commonalities that customers enjoy.
For instance, it has been determined that colour can increase a brands recognition by nearly 80% which is impressive in terms of it being a relatively small change.

Here is what you need to know about service, strategy, and keeping a customer happy.

By the month of January 2014, about 74% of all online adults are involved in social media sites. This is why advertisement through social media has become just as important as advertising nearly anywhere else. Make sure you have social media marketing designed to serve up a cool customer service and customer experience.

The loyalty of a customer has been quantified to be worth more than 10 times as much as one single purchase. Content marketing has made 70% of all consumers feel closer to the sponsoring company according to the Content Marketing Institute. Normally the average business will hear back negative opinions from customers unhappy with their experience which can be dangerous for the reputation of the company.

78% of all buyers have stopped a transaction in the middle of an intended purchase due to poor service and 48% believe the most important time to gain employee loyalty is when they make their first purchase. It is important to make consumers happy because research has determined that it takes 12 positive experiences to even make up for one poor experience. You do not want to have to try and fix wrong doings with 12 experiences, that will take too long.

According to data, it is cheaper to keep customers loyal for a number of reasons, as opposed to trying to get new consumers loyal to your brand. It is 7 times more expensive to get new customers as opposed to keeping a current one. Customer service should be a greater emphasis for businesses according to about 80% of all Americans. This is why having a great sense of service for consumers is important to resolve issues before they become too harsh to deal with.

‘67% of all consumers ended a phone call due to anger and frustration because they had to deal with an automated voice and could not talk to a real person. Even more so, 91% of all unhappy customers will not do business again with you if they arrive in a place where they are unhappy. Your reputation is important in this way because about 58% of all consumers will engage in researching products and services they are debating buying, to make sure they are well respected and well liked.

In Conclusion

I mentioned research earlier and why it is important to keep a consumer happy in order to maintain their loyalty but also a strong reputation. Nearly one-quarter of all American adults have posted a comment or a review online about a product or a service they buy. Now, obviously, the context of this review will be different depending on the experience of the consumer but regardless know that everyone else can view these reviews and comments. With 9 out of 10 United States consumers saying they want to pay more for a better service experience, make sure you keep customers happy.

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