There used to be a time when business only really had to worry about physical break-ins and theft. However, the world is a much more complicated place now thanks to the world-wide web. Now, anyone with the correct skills and knowledge can break into your business from anywhere in the world. This is a scary prospect to consider. It gets even worse when you consider that even a singular hacker can have thousands of computer bots at their command to use automated processes to break into unaware businesses.

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By some estimates, nearly 50% of the internet’s traffic comes from bots of various kinds. You could very easily be the next target. In fact, it is almost guaranteed that it will happen at some point. This is why you need to be ready to defend against these cyber security threats.

The first trick is to use unique security passwords. You want to use different passwords for your business than you use elsewhere across the web. If all your passwords are the same, all it takes is one break-in on one site for the hacker to have access to everything. This is why unique passwords are crucial. However, this is not good enough. A singular word password with some numbers use to suffice. This is not the case anymore. Hackers are getting better at cracking passwords. It is now recommended that you create a pass phrase instead. It could be a string of a few short words with some numbers or characters mixed in. It will make all the difference.


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