This video showcases one of Coogar Products’ commercial wax melters, the MARK VIIe. It is an all-in-one candle filling machine that both mixes and pours. It mixes in color, fragrance, and wax into a perfect blend each time, making it ideal for commercial applications.
Making a candle is very straightforward.

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Heat is gently applied to the wax till it melts. Dyes and fragrances are then added to the melted mixture. When it’s ready, the liquid is poured into a desired container or into a mold with a wick and left to cool.
One of the primary considerations of commercial wax melters is consistency, both in product and output. The MARK VIIe candle filling machine is a tested product that works well in small-scale and large-scale settings.
The temperature of the final liquid wax is controlled to within 1° Fahrenheit while the color and fragrance are added to within 100th of a gram. The consistent pour also allows a manufacturer to determine his daily output capability. The total result is a predictable no-waste operation.

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