If you have developed strong skills as a roof installer working for another contractor, you may want to branch out on your own to improve your earning potential. By starting your own business, you can earn more and take your schedule into your own hands. But how do you start out as a new roof installer?

The video posted to this page can help you get started.

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The host outlines his simple plan for starting out as a roof installer with no money. He says to start with a side gig to get by instead of with a full business, so don’t quit your current roof installer job right away. Your own business should mostly take on small projects at a decent rate. Leave the larger projects to businesses with more experience and a larger crew than the one you’re just starting.

Once you get some momentum, you need to start putting in the effort to help your business grow. Eventually, you should be able to transition your current job into a side gig and then leave it altogether. At that point, you should have an office to base your business out of and you should be able to put around five percent of your earnings into a marketing fund.


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