If you have some experience as a plumber or septic technician, you may be interested in starting your own small business offering drain cleaning service to homes or businesses. While you may have some experience, running a business is a lot different than being an employee. One of the first things you need to consider is the equipment you will need to have to run your business successfully.

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To offer a reliable drain cleaning service, you need to look the part and have the tools to complete any job that comes your way. You’ll have to service drains onsite, so you’ll need a professional van with a company logo. This will make your business look reputable. Additionally, you will need a few important tools to do your work.

First, you’ll need a large professional drain camera so you can see the cause of clogs. You also need a drain jetter to remove clogs. You also need a small, very portable drain cleaning camera to help you find small, localized clogs without breaking out the heavy equipment. You also need a variety of drain augers to ensure you can clear clogs of all kinds that aren’t deep into the plumbing system.

The video posted above lists even more tools that will help you get your start as a small drain cleaning service business.


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