If you want to sell dogs online, it isn’t all about the cash. It’s really about finding them a spot where they’ll be part of the family. He mentions that sure, lots of folks want their puppies, but making sure they land in just the right home? That’s the tricky part and it’s super important.

Then, he moves on to chat about the sticky situations you might find yourself in, like when you’ve got puppies but no buyers.

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Maybe the price tag was too steep, or people just didn’t know your puppies were up for grabs. He stresses how key it is to get who your buyers are and to make sure the price feels right to them.

Be upfront about how you’re raising those pups and your quality of care. Turns out, people want to know that the puppies are happy and healthy before they bring one home. Honesty goes a long way making people trust you and your business. Furthermore, he shares his way of setting prices and making double sure the puppies are heading to a place where they’ll be looked after. For him, it’s all about the puppies’ well-being, making sure they’re not just sold, but that they’re heading into a loving and caring home.

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