Sco Tty Kilmer’s video, “Should You Become a Mechanic?”, helps viewers weigh the pros and cons of becoming an auto mechanic.

Anyone who has the “knack for fixing things” would consider mechanics a worthwhile career, according to Scott. For him, he became entrenched in car repairs while watching his grandpa.

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Scott’s Grandpa would take apart vehicles every winter to maintain them, such as replace old valves. Scott took after him and eventually began using his 50 years of experience to teach DIY car repairs online.

Deciding whether fixing cars is a potential career or a hobby is a choice everyone needs to make. Determining what kind of mechanic to become is another decision to consider.

Anyone who wants to learn the mechanics trade also must decide where to take classes. For instance, students can attend night school while working full time. Times are changing though.

Four to five decades ago, it would only take five minutes to find out what was wrong with a car. However, it could take five hours to fix it, according to Scott. The opposite is true as of 2018 – Auto techs spend five hours diagnosing and only five minutes replacing an electrical part.

Scott emphasizes learning the electronics of cars. He says this is the present and the future. As far as finding work, usually, friends tell their friends — assuming that friend does have that “knack” required for fixing cars.

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