Outdoor church signs

You’ve invested in traditional newspaper ads. You’ve tried radio, TV and other print publications. Whether you’re a fast-growing business or a well-established church or school that needs to maintain a positive image, traditional advertising efforts can not only be frustrating, but they can also be eating into your profits.

If you’re looking for a quick and consistent way to increase your ROI — and after all, who isn’t? — consider investing in commercial business signs. Digital signage can make your organization more visible to the public, and more importantly, on-site LED business signs have the same annual value as 24 full-page newspaper ads. Even more impressive, 17% of walk-in customers at Best Buy claimed they entered the store due to a sign.

So instead of drafting the script for your next radio ad or endlessly tweaking your copy for next week’s paper, increase your ROI with an outdoor LED display. As long as you maintain your branding, pick the proper location and include the most valuable information, commercial business signs can be just what your customers need.

Focus on Branding

Whether you’re investing in signs for municipalities or signs for churches, all organizations should maintain their brand throughout every form of advertising. Even if you don’t have a formal style guide or set of logos, think about what your organization is known for.

If you’re the principal at a school, for example, you know you want your school to be viewed as responsible and trustworthy. Make sure the fonts you choose on your LED signs keep up with this image. Pick simple, uncomplicated images and lettering, while making sure they remain bold and firm. If you work in a church office, you may want to attract members by maintaining a caring, welcoming image. Consider fonts that are a bit softer — nothing with hard edges or bold typeface.

If you have school colors or a graphic that you include on all church programs, consider including it on your digital signage. Analyze your brand and make sure you choose language, fonts and colors that match your goals.

Choose an Ideal Location and Give Customers What They Need

While studies show that 35% of people only found a business because of its sign, investing in LED signs isn’t an automatic recipe for success unless you give customers what they need. For instance, you can choose to have a moving message or a stationary message. Or you can choose to install the sign at the entrance to your business or put it a few streets down.

These decisions ultimately come down to analyzing the routes your target market travel as well as the information these people are looking for. If you receive most of your inquiries via telephone, consider including your business’s phone number. If your primary marketing tool is your website, include the URL on your digital sign, too.

If you focus on meeting your target market’s needs, you’ll gain more success from your commercial business signs and simultaneously increase your ROI.

Meet Your Customers Where They’re At

Digital signs for business, non-profit and educational organizations can all be equally effective as long as you keep your customer in mind. Say goodbye to fruitless traditional advertising, and say hello to a higher ROI with more direct, visual and focused advertising.

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