Interactive exhibit design

The American business world is a dynamic one, demanding that companies adapt and develop at faster rates than ever before to ensure that they remain relevant and secure their longevity into the future. While there are numerous elements that go into a business, one of the most important concerns for businesses is how to get the word out on their products and services. While traditional broadcast advertising still has its place in American consumerism, many companies are looking for more engaging and relevant ways to keep consumers informed and interested; here are some suggestions on how best to spend your company’s marketing budget.

Marketing in the Modern World

When it comes to advertising, they key to success is determining where one’s customer base is located. E-commerce has made it easier for businesses to forgo the geographic restraints that once limited their customer base, allowing even the smallest companies to ship products around the world. Every industry is different however, meaning that marketing teams must be informed in order to direct marketing dollars towards the most effective tactics — this generally includes a combination of both local advertising through print media and digital advertising through social media sites. In addition to these, some of the best ways for young businesses to break out is to attend a trade show for their industry.

The Impact of Trade Shows

Trade shows are significant because it gives businesses the opportunity to engage with consumers and businesses in their relevant field; many have approached a trade show and left with an increased number of clients, partners, and consumers. Nearly half of the largest 200 trade shows in the United States takes place across just three cities: Las Vegas, Chicago, and Orlando. The American trade show visitor will spend an average of 9.5 hours at a trade show viewing exhibits, pressing the need to have comprehensive, insightful, and engaging trade show graphics for one’s own business.

Tips for Eye-Catching Trade Show Graphics

It seems obvious that companies that come bearing custom exhibits with unique trade show graphics are bound to generate buzz; businesses should consider that the competition has this same idea however. It is estimated that the average company allocates nearly a third of their marketing budget exclusively into the booth designs for trade shows and exhibitions; in total over $24 billion is spent each year on trade show displays in the United States. The key to effective trade show exhibit displays is essentially a balancing act between negative and positive space; experts suggest that 40% of your booth design should actually be blank space as what your presentation does not say may prove to be just as important as what it actually does say. A wise word of marketing advise for trade show booths is to have three main types of graphics for short, medium, and long range to ensure that attendees will be able to find you from any area on the show floor. Naturally, you should stay away from fonts like Comic Sans and stick to cleaner fonts like Helvetica that are easier to read; don’t take this too seriously though and always have your company’s style speak loudest. Ensure that the actual size of your font is proportional to 1 inch for every foot away that viewers will stand; this will take a bit of math and calculating, but it goes a long way to ensure that viewers will have the best experience. With a bit of planning your business will be sure to make a strong impression to generate the buzz your young business needs to achieve new heights.

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