Automatic wire binding machine

There is nothing like that new book smell, pressed together with the perfect binder, or the crisp pages of a work presentation bound together with a coil binding machine. In the days of technology, we are moving away from this model. But reading in print has seemingly countless benefits. While keeping up with tech’s reading demands is essential in modern times, there are also plenty of reasons to consume print media as well. The following are just a few.

  • Heightened Focus: Your coworker prints their presentation, runs it through an automatic paper punching machine, and neatly binds it before delivering to your desk for review. Now you can take the time to look through it without distractions.
    Reading on a computer may tempt you to switch into other tabs or complete other tasks at the same time. But reading in print demands all of your attention.
  • More Organization: Organizing a print book or presentation is simply more satisfying. You can see the pages in front of you, and while you read it you can mark certain pages to come back to later. While you can bookmark online pages, you can’t hold them in your hands the same way.
  • No Blue Light: Research shoes that the blue light from computer screens can actually be detrimental to your sleep and cognitive function. This is why it’s better to spend your evenings reading from a paper book rather than scrolling through your smartphone or computer.
  • Ability To Notate: While you can make comments electronically on digital proposals and drafts, reading something in print allows you to make comments by hand. This gives you the freedom to underline, draw arrows, and improvise in other ways.
  • Shareable Content: We’re not just talking about hitting the “share” button online. We are talking about physically handing a book to a friend.
    In more professional settings, you can take something right out of the automatic paper punching machine and pass it around the office. It’s that simple.

While it may be inevitable to use digital media in both your personal and professional life, do what you can to make space for print media. This will make your brain, your eyes, and your senses more happy — creating a more immersive reading experience.

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