Virtual offices for rent

Communication technology has made possible things that seemed only a distant dream before. People can work from home the majority of the time, even the entirety of the time, and still conduct meetings with their peers or managers across the planet. Policy changes can be communicated in a matter of minutes. Information can be updated on the fly for new workers. Coworking spaces, in a short, are more accessible than ever. The best virtual office is not unlike a physical one — it should be easy to use, comfortable and able to change on a dime depending on what’s needed.

Find yourself telecommuting on the regular and could use a few pointers on crafting the ultimate coworking spaces? Let’s look beyond convention and see the different office solutions at your disposal.

How long have virtual offices been around? Look no further than your nearest history book. The very first commercial application of what’s known as the virtual office cropped up in 1994, when the Internet was starting to pick up speed and more people were tuning in to the possibilities of the digital space. As tools like online conferences and social media has grown, so too have people’s expectations as to the ideal work environment.

A virtual office is at its very best when it can provide on-demand use for regular meetings and updates. These can be weekly, daily, even hourly, more flexible than ever provided there’s a steady Internet connection and awareness of modern programs. The largest benefit of the virtual office is not having to physically commute. Some people want to save money on gas, while others have to balance their work life with their family life and need the additional flexibility.

Studies have only continued to show the popularity of the executive virtual office space. A study of more than 1,000 professionals across a variety of fields saw over 60% saying they would allow employees to work remotely. Another 67% or so said they agree that working remotely is both productive and convenient for both parties. Thanks to a more recent study, a handful of industries have revealed themselves as the most likely fields to encourage the use of virtual offices. These are healthcare, marketing, advertising, entertainment, construction, retail and financial, among others.

Employees, especially, love digital coworking spaces and have routinely cited their convenience as a massive bonus. Nearly six out of 10 employers have identified cost savings as a benefit of telecommuting. Similarly, 80% of employees have viewed the option to work remotely as a job perk. Another 14% of Americans have admitted to outright changing jobs just to shorten their commute. All in all, telecommuting is the way of the future.

How can you learn how to book a meeting room and craft the ultimate coworking spaces? There are more than a few resources available for you and your employees to take advantage of. There are entire fields dedicated to the art of helping businesses make the digital shit, leaving the classic fully furbished office behind in favor of online working relationships that span the world. According to the American Management Association, organizations that actively implemented teleworking programs saw a 60% reduction in absences.

Everyone stands to benefit from the digital future. Will you be part of the movement?

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