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The 21st century has brought with it some of humanity’s finest technical advances. Thanks to the advent of the internet and mobile technology, any space can become your workplace. Even so, there a benefits that come with having a physical office space. For the remote worker, a professional virtual office space offers the flexibility of a remote office with the benefits of a physical space.

If you’re questioning whether or not a professional virtual office space is right for you or your company, consider the following:

You Want to Quit Your Commute

Whether your commute is 20 minutes or three hours, it adds up to time that could be better spent, whether it’s working or taking extra time to catch up on the news. That’s one of the many benefits of a virtual office: no more commuting.

Working from home will eliminate your commute and increase your productivity. A study from Sun Microsystems found that employees working from home use 60% of their would-be commuting time actually doing work.

If you’re looking for a change in your commute, you’re not alone. 14% of Americans cite a shortened commute as a reason for a job change.

You Want to Save Money

It should come as no surprise that working remotely can save you money. You’re no longer spending money on things like gas for your commute and upkeep on your office space.

In fact, nearly sixty percent of employers say cost-effectiveness is a benefit of working remotely.

You Want Better Workers

As mentioned above, working a remotely improves productivity. The reduction in commuting time leads to more work getting done, but that’s one of the many reasons remote work creates better workers.

The American Management Association found that organizations that allowed telework saw a 63% reduction in unscheduled absences. Not only that, but 46% of companies that allow telework say it has reduced attrition. All in all, 67 percent of professionals say that working remotely is productive.

You Want the Benefits of a Physical Office

Are you in need of a business address and phone number? Do you want mailing services on a schedule that works for you? Do you need phone reception or administrative services? A professional virtual office can meet all of those needs and more.


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