School sign board

Do you work for or volunteer at a school on a specific committee or as part of the PTA? When it comes to putting together events and fundraisers at schools in your district, you already know how important it is to properly advertise the event or fundraiser. Without any type of advertising or marketing, how will anyone know the event is happening or that a fundraiser is going on at the school? If marketing and advertising is not your forte, you may be at a loss of how to get the word out there to make the event or fundraiser a success. One of the key, and often overlooked, way to get people?s attention is with signs and billboards like school LED signs and digital signs for schools.

So, how would an LED sign help you get the word out there about event and fundraisers happening at different schools in the district? Keep reading to find out how effective school LED signs can be for marketing to the community.

Whether you are planning an annual event or fundraiser or trying to get the word out there about something new happening at the school, it can be tricky discovering the best ways to inform the community. Word of mouth is always one way to spread the news. However, it is not the most proactive or effective to make sure as many people in the community are informed as could be informed. Other helpful ways to spread the word are through things like flyers sent home with kids or passed around neighborhoods, emails, and phone trees around the community.

What if there was an even more effective method that was also less time-consuming? Statistics show that school LED signs and LED signs for businesses prove to positively impact the business or school they are placed outside of the majority of the time. You might think people do not stop to look at billboards and signs when they are walking around or driving in their car. The truth is, the majority of people actually take the time to read a billboard or sign if they notice it. In fact, around 71 percent of people are often intrigued enough to read these types of signs.

If you want to make sure as many people as possible hear about your event or fundraiser, try adding school LED signs that describe the event and perhaps give some details like the date, the time and the location. It may take a little bit of trial and error to see what type of messages grasp the most people?s attention, but you will likely see that the signs positively impact community turnout at your next event.

One of the main reasons an LED sign can have such an impact on community events like those at schools is because those driving by a sign are likely to live within a five mile radius of whatever the sign is outside of. So, if your school LED signs share information about a community-related event, around 85 percent of the people who see it likely live nearby and would feel motivated to invest their time or money in the event or fundraiser described.

By simply adding school LED signs, statistics show you may be able to increase profit at a business or turnout at an event by around 35 percent. Without a sign, that is how many people may miss out on hearing about the event you are sharing or the business you work for. In addition, your sign will not ever become old news to people driving by it. Instead, if you make an effort to change out the sign, what it says or what it looks like every once in awhile, it will continue to receive engagement from the community and those who drive by it and are intrigued in it. The sign becomes a guaranteed method to spread the word about news, events and fundraisers at the school.

It is still important to market your event by handing out flyers, sending emails and making announcements. Have you ever used school LED signs to market and event or fundraiser? Let us know about your experience in the comments.

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