Purple heart clothes donation

If you find yourself looking through you closet and finding some sweaters or pants you can never see yourself wearing or have simply outgrown, the easier thing to do is to toss it right in the garbage can, right? Get it out of your way, so that your closet remains free of clutter. However, have you ever wondered where that clothing goes after it’s picked up by the garbage man? Well, every year, approximately 10.5 billion tons of of clothing in American end up in landfills. This makes even less sense when present with that fact that nearly 100% of textiles and clothing are able to be recycled, regardless of how ratted and old they are. However, the question then becomes how do I recycle them? And what are the best charities to donate to?

  1. The American Red Cross: It’s no surprise that The American Red Cross made this list. They are one of the leading charities in place to help people in the aftermath of natural disasters. Should you donate your clothing to the Red Cross, it will be provided for men, women and children in need of clothing after a horrible disaster has occurred to their home. Many will tell that simply having a change of clothes can be a blessing in such a difficult time.
  2. Vietnam Veterans of America:One of the greatest wounded veterans charities is Vietnam Veterans of America. They provide a wide range of services to soldiers returning home, and are always accepting clothes donations. Doing so will exceedingly help those that fight to keep us safe.
  3. Goodwill:When asking “What are the best charities to donate to?”, Goodwill tends to be one of the first. Focusing on families and people who are struggling financially, Goodwill is one of the charities donations most people have heard about or seen. Donating clothing here will be helping families in need when they need it most.
  4. The Salvation Army: Very similar to Goodwill, The Salvation Army provides clothing for men, women, children and families in need. It’s also very easy to donate, by simply dropping your used clothing items off at a local store or scheduling a pick-up.

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