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The water you’re drinking may not be as safe as you think it is. Many of us assume that if we’re drinking water from the tap, it’s safe. After all, tap water is usually city water, and city water can’t harm you, can it? Most of the time, city water is indeed safe to drink. But sometimes, water can be contaminated without your knowledge. This could lead to nothing — but over a long period of time, drinking contaminated water can result in serious health issues, especially for children and unborn babies. For that matter, in some areas water just doesn’t have the vitamins and minerals that you need. It could be fine; but it isn’t giving you what it should. In which case, rather than having something taken out of water, you would want something added in. A typical water filter isn’t going to cut it in this cases. If you’re at all concerned about the quality of your water, you can seek out water filtration systems to not only have it tested but purified. Not only does this give you peace of mind — it also protects your body from all of the risks that drinking untreated water has to offer.

The Risks Of Drinking Untreated Water

The issue with untreated water — otherwise known as hard water — is just concerning what it lacks, but the contamination potential. Water can all too easily be contaminated without your noticing. In home water purification systems don’t necessarily keep water from being contaminated, but they do keep the water that you drink clean. Of course, the issue of contaminated water can be as much a problem with city water as it is with well water — in some cases, it’s even more of a problem. This is because city water is often treated without your knowledge — and essentially, without your consent. The substances with which this water is treated aren’t always very good for you. Fluoride, for example, is a salt compound that is often added to your water to prevent cavities. It’s added to most tap water, but too much of it can decrease your bone strength. Of course, water that is ostensibly “uncontaminated” can still harbor a variety of different risks while looking perfect. In a variety of countries, drinking unpurified water is one of the leading causes of diseases. Pregnant women in particular are at risk when drinking unpurified water, as it can lead to birth defects.

What Are My Home Water Treatment Options?

Water filtration systems are often associated with the mass filtration of water — people think of water filtration systems as systems that clean water for entire cities, not their individual homes. Luckily, there are now a variety of different water softener systems for homes on the market. For the best possible results, many advise the use of a point of use filtration system. Point of use water filtration systems are meant to treat drinking water, not your entire water system. A more extensive water filtration system can be used to filter water through your showers and baths, but a point of use system is much simpler and less expensive. It attaches to the system through which you get your drinking water in an easy way, and therefore directly filters the water you’re going to drink — no more and no less. With that being said, if your water supply is known to be consistently unsafe — rather than an anomaly — you should have it removed and replaced.

Water purification systems aren’t something that you necessarily need for every water supply system. Many systems are perfectly fine; but you don’t want to risk it. For that matter, many report that using water filtration systems make their water taste crisper and cleaner. If you’re at all worried about the quality of your water, get it tested first. Consider your options next — and perhaps have a water filtration system installed for your future safety.

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