When it comes to advertising or introducing a new product, market research is everything. Market research entails looking at recent trends in the industry you are trying to get ahead in, as well as examining the marketing tactics of your competitors. Oftentimes, marketing research is done far before a product is even in the early development stages. Market research helps to pinpoint what your target demographic enjoys, and what they are looking to purchase in the future.

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By paying close attention to the small details about your target audience, you can form a demand for your product as well as an excellent marketing strategy to introduce it to the world. In this video, we will take a look at several ways you can conduct market research.

A common way to begin market research is by surfing the web. Type in your keyword or your idea and see what comes up. Who are your potential competitors? Are there pages and pages of products to compete with? Next, head to Amazon and find a book or two regarding the industry you’re pursuing. Reading up on the latest patterns and key figures in your industry will serve you well when coming up with a business game plan.


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