Working remotely from home comes with a lot of perks and advantages, including working with your pajamas on, and endless coffee refills too! In this fast-paced and dynamic world where we are somehow connected digitally, working from home has never been this easier. However, home too can be chaotic if you don’t have a dedicated space to work from, and it might get also in your home’s primary purpose — a place of relaxation.

In most cases, people use living rooms as a study or home office when they don’t have a dedicated room. Luckily, with advanced construction methods like prefabricated office spaces, you can now create a controlled and productive environment to work from home.

Working Remotely: Benefits of Prefabricated Offices

High Quality Prefabricated Materials
Unlike traditional construction methods that are exposed to weather conditions, prefabricated office walls and panels are manufactured under controlled environments. This implies that most of the construction and assembling process is protected from different weather conditions such as heavy rains, winds, and sun. Prefabricated offices are known to offer better quality with minimum construction imperfections.

Sustainable Construction
Modular offices are an environmentally friendly solution for homeowners looking to work from. The construction process itself reduces energy consumption during the building process by around 67% and reduces energy costs later on when you occupy. In addition to energy-saving, modular construction does not produce much waste, and the little that is generated is later recycled for use in some way. Consequently, this reduces the tonnes of waste piling up the landfills annually.

Reduced Build Time
As opposed to onsite construction, modular prefabricated offices are easier and faster to build without compromising on quality. Usually, 60% to 90% of all prefabricated construction occurs in a warehouse or factory, meaning projects can be turned around much faster. A good example is the 57-story building built by a Chinese modular construction company in a record 19 days.

The fact that modular panels are built offsite and assembled in controlled environments results in reduced construction time. No project delays associated with the weather conditions. Faster build time, in turn, impacts on the overall cost of construction such as labor costs. Modular construction make better use of resources.

Prefabricated Office Designs for a Productive and Inviting Setting

Usually, prefabricated offices a designed with plenty of glazing to allow natural light come in as well as opening you to the outside preventing the feeling of being cagged in a tiny corner desks somewhere.

Ensure to create a good balance between both glazed and unglazed windows and doors. Room skylights can also be a great addition in your home office but not ideal if you’re concerned about heat loss. There’re plenty of contemporary lighting options you can try and create a stunning lightscape to complement natural daylight when darkness comes.

If you’re looking for a bespoke prefabricated office with your style etched on, add a deck so it extends to the front and connect with your garden. However, depending on the landscape in front of your modular office, it may be unsuitable to install a deck — not unless you don’t mind adding a few climbing steps leading up to your office.

The prospects of working from home is so alluring but not many have that option also. But if you’re among the privileged to remotely work from anywhere — a home office is necessary. Prefabricated offices can be used for several applications in addition to just standard office use. It works wells with a home studio, guest room, summer rooms and other creative studio use.

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