Dropper bottles

Recycling is an important part of our planet?s well being. Without recycling, we would have too much landfill, with nowhere to put it. It is also very bad for our environment, which affects things like our breathing quality. This is why many companies are encouraging recycling and some are even using only recycled products when creating their own products, doing their part to help with the environment and the well being of our planet. Plastics are a common product in our world. If you look around your home, you are likely to find plenty of plastic products in a variety of forms. Plastics come in medicine packaging, plastic bottles for drink and even plastic food packaging.

Of all industries, recovery by recycling is the highest for the containers and packaging category (39.9%) of amount generated. It is important to recycle plastics because of how abundant they are. A plastic bottle manufacturing company often has the ability to reuse the custom plastic bottles, breaking them down, sanitizing them and then reusing them for similar or entirely different products.

The global market for flexible packaging is forecast to grow at an annual average rate of 3.4% during the period 2015 to 2020, reaching $248 billion. That is a lot of custom plastic bottles wholesale that are being created and then thrown out. With the ability of recycling, all of these plastic products from the packaging company would be sitting in land yards.

Many times a plastic bottle manufacturing company will encourage recycling from its consumers in a few different ways. The plastic bottle manufacturing company may list on the packaging contents that they have used fully recycled plastics to create this product and that they care about the environment. Many packaging labels may even encourage their customers to do the same and do their part. Additionally, some states may charge a deposit to purchase their product, forcing their customers to recycle the item to get their money back. This is common with drink plastics and sometimes water plastics. The amount and the availability of this recycling method depend on the state, but it has shown to reduce the amount of no recycling.

Many cities are also helping out by working with a plastic bottle manufacturing company to provide customers with recycling bins and easy drop off locations. These recycled materials are then taken and given back to the manufacturers to reuse for additional plastic products. Ultimately, the plastic bottle manufacturing company is taking responsibility for their products and encouraging the recyclability of each plastic product. The current U.S. recycling rate for PET is 31% and as a country and for the well being of our planet, we need to continue to find ways to increase that number.

Recycling is very important to the well being of our planet. Without recycling, hundreds of thousands of pounds of plastic and other products would be left in land yards and would go to waste. The buildup would be bad for our air quality and for the Earth. Over hundreds of years, the manufacturing plants would continue to product plastic products until we would be overwhelmed with unrecycled plastic products.

Fortunately, many manufacturing plants are doing their part and are encouraging others to engage in recycling. Many manufacturers are using only recycled plastics in their products and are labeling them as such, encouraging customers to do the same. Additionally, in many areas of the country, customers are charged a small fee per plastic product, returning that money to them when they are finished with the product and have recycled it.

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