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Designing a custom exhibit for your next industry event? Or maybe you’re hiring professional exhibit design services for your next trade show? In either case, far too many people get their custom exhibits wrong, dead wrong. Then, they spend the rest of the show wondering why more people aren’t stopping by the booth.
That’s because there’s one simple but counterintuitive design element that most people forget to include in their booth.

The Best Exhibit Booth Designs Leave Room To Breathe…

There’s a reason minimalism and flat design are suddenly such popular elements in graphic design. Today, these are the hallmarks of modern-looking design, whether it’s on a website, infographic, or custom exhibits for trade shows. The same design principles hold true: your visuals need empty space.
We know that can sound counter intuitive, but so many people try and shove as many words, images, logos, and hashtags onto their custom exhibits’ design as possible. As a result, they end up with an overstuffed display that looks tacky and old-fashioned at the same time, and rather than drawing the eye, it turns it away.
Designers fall into this trap too. Minimalism is often a tough sell, even though it’s almost always the right decision from a design standpoint. When a client is paying for professional design services, they can feel cheated with a stripped down display with large areas of empty space. But in reality, and the best custom exhibits bear this out, your booth design should be at least 40% empty space. This empty space naturally serves to draw the human eye where you want it to go, helping to emphasize the most important aspects of your exhibit.

Modern Design Looks Simple, And That’s Okay…

This is one of the situations in life where your instincts can get you into trouble. While it can be tempting to cram every last feature you can onto your display booth, this will ultimately detract from the overall effect. In fact, not only do many of the best custom exhibits use extensive empty space, they also limit their display to two or three main colors.
While some graphic design trends come and go, minimalism and a simple flat design (meaning two dimensional) have proved to have extreme staying power. Just think about your favorite brands’ logos, then visit their websites to see just how stripped down they’ve become.
The same should be true of exhibit booth design, whether it’s a simple trade show booth or a massive interactive exhibit design.

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