Those who work in “white-collar” job are most often doing paperwork at an office, and this may range from a worker at a town city hall to an employee in an office building. While an office has many things that the worker needs, such as his or her desk and computer to a meeting room and a break room, the office may be home to some unwelcome elements, too. Bacteria are often spread when there are multiple people in the confines of the office, or allergens may be cycled in the air conditioning and make the air dirty. Meanwhile, the noise levels can be a serious problem. Workplace distractions such as in-person or phone conversations can distract and annoy office workers, along with other sounds like the break room’s microwave of loud traffic outside. All of these sounds together can frazzle a worker’s nerves and patience in the workspace, but there are solutions. A soundproof phone booth, for example, can help eliminate sounds in the office and allow the worker to concentrate in peace, and a soundproof phone booth for office work can be requested to the manager if there are too many distractions. Contractors may build a phone booth when possible, and a soundproof phone booth can offer welcome respite. Another solution is to simply work from home, known as having a “virtual office,” and this route is gaining popularity. But for those still at the office, a soundproof phone booth can be a lifesaver.

An Office Phone Booth For You

Phone booth office design is fairly simple. It is an upright box that will have soundproof technology in the walls, and the interior has a desk space that includes, naturally, a telephone that the occupant can use for having phone conversations with business partners and customers alike, free of the distracting noises and ruckus of the workplace. A soundproof phone booth will have room for a worker’s laptop, papers, or binders so that they have their needed materials while placing or receiving phone calls, and this makes a soundproof phone booth a miniature desk or cubicle that offers immediate relief from the distracting noises of the office. But how necessary are these phone booths? Can they boost a worker’s performance in the middle of a noisy office?

Studies have been done to determine if a soundproof phone booth really can deliver results, and the conclusion is that yes, these phone booths are doing their job well. These phone booths can eliminate as much as 51% of all workplace distractions, and this improves the worker’s performance in many arenas. With the noise level so much lower, a worker’s stress levels drop as much as 27%, and thanks to this, their concentration is improved as well, often as much as 48%. With this improved concentration and lower stress levels, employees who use these booths often reduce their work error rates by 10% or so, and this means that less time is wasted correcting such mistakes.

Soundproof phone booth technology can be a real boon for the person on the other end of the line, too. The phone conversation’s quality will probably be pretty low if the employee in the office cannot hear what the other person said, or if the other person cannot interpret the employee’s words over nearby conversations. This poor phone conversation quality can make a bad impression on business partners, and it can annoy customers and even drive them off. An office or company is bound to start losing money if their customers are quitting due to poor customer service over the phone, so if this keeps happening at a given office, this can be brought to the manager’s attention. At this point, a manager may hire contractors to install these phone booths. Keeping the customers on board can help justify the expense of these phone booths.

One last measure against a noisy workplace is to simply work at home, an attractive option for many. Working this way eliminates the commute time, and there are bound to be few to no noisy distractions while the employee is on the phone. The worker can also use Cloud storage for sharing and receiving files from their co-workers.

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