Before buying a food crusher such as a blender, there are a number of factors that you should take into consideration especially when dealing with ice or frozen fruits. Not every blender you find out there has the capacity act as an effective crusher. So what exactly do you consider when shopping for an effective blender for frozen fruits or ice?

Must Have a Powerful Motor
When shopping for an ice-crusher or a food crusher blender, always take into consideration the motor power. Unfortunately, most blenders currently in the market lack this essential feature. Most machines and especially crushing machines operate on high capacity. Whereas a blender might not require a powerful motor as it is with a machine such as a cement crusher, it is no doubt that crushing frozen foods require a powerful motor. More importantly, the food crusher must be safe for use especially when plugging and unplugging in from the socket. The ideal motor range for ice crusher blenders is between 1000 to 1500 watts. With the advancements made in technology, you can also add some punch to the blender features by choosing one that has additional features such as a cooling effect after extensive use.

The Blades Should be made from Strong Metal
When looking for a food crusher and especially a blender, the blades are arguably one of the most important aspects to consider. The capacity of the ice crusher should also come into play particularly the tumbler. For maximum performance, the blades should be sturdy. Apart from the material used, the design of the blades also enhances the efficiency of the blender. Sharped blades are only part of this enhanced performance. The blade placement should be at a vantage angle to make sure that the blender easily accesses the food content.

The Right Size, Design and Material for the Container
Depending on the nature of your needs, any food crusher should have the capacity to work effectively and deliver the desired output. The design of the jar in use is also important as it directly affects performance. The best blenders for frozen fruits or crushing ice should work in such a manner that the ingredients move seamlessly in constant motion. Since this motion can best be described as a whirlpool, the design of the jar has an effect on the process. A good food crusher will often have a wide pitcher making the process of crushing ice or frozen fruits easier. Narrow jars on the other hand will require you to manually push the ingredients down the jar using a spatula.

Ease of Use
Just like any other machine, the ease of use of your blender determines the whole user experience. If you are constantly using your food crusher, you had better go for something that is less complex-unless it is for industrial use. Sometimes, the complexity of the blender is often misconstrued with top-quality but this is not always the case. There are quality blenders that do not require a lot of technical abilities to operate. These can also be found on a budget that is pocket-friendly. However, everything comes down to your choice and preferences. There could be other reasons why you might opt to acquire a pricier and sophisticated blender.

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