direct mail marketing companiesDirect mail campaigns are extraordinarily successful for a wide variety of industries, especially as the total number of items in the average household’s mailbox has decreased over the years. But which industries still rely on direct mail campaigns? Three of the top four direct mailers in the country are all banks or financial services, but here are some of the top direct mailers in the country:

Financial Services
The financial services industry has become well-known for its creative implementation of direct mail campaigns, particularly toward millennials. According to the United States Postal Service, 84% of millennials still take the time to look through their mail, but campaigns still need to be executed correctly for maximum reader retention.

If you have cable TV, you’re probably all too familiar with the direct mail flyers sent from cable companies offering special services or subscription plans. While this industry sometimes relies on digital marketing campaigns as well, direct mail is a major component of the industry’s overall marketing strategy. It widens potential audience and maximizes the potential for new customers.

The retail industry constantly takes advantage of direct mail campaigns in order to not only promote their product but to offer cut-out coupons and discounts as well. This helps to bring customers into the store, which is one of the underlying goals of any direct mail campaign. It optimizes the chances for new sales and long-term customers.

Many nonprofit organizations use direct mail campaigns to foster a sense of closeness with their associates and donors. They use these campaigns to update their communities about local news and charitable events happening around the area. Most importantly, nonprofits often use direct mail to ask for continued financial support.

Finally, the automotive industry also takes advantage of all that direct mail campaigns have to offer. Since their general customer base is correlated to the area, it often makes more sense to send direct mail lists materials to keep advertising locally as opposed to investing in a major digital marketing plan with a wider but unnecessary audience. In the automotive industry, it’s all about finding local leads and turning them into longtime customers.

Ultimately, understanding the industries that use direct mail can help you determine whether or not your business could use some help developing a campaign from professional printing and direct mail marketing companies. For more information about direct mail marketing companies, contact Modern Mail and Print Solutions.

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