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Starting a maid service takes more than a set of cleaning equipment and clients. There will be problems that newcomers are totally unfamiliar with and that you cannot become are hard to prepare for until you actually experience them. This video explains what some of those problems are so you can better anticipate and adapt to them.

It’s helpful to sit down with a pen and paper and plan ahead. You will need to plan a marketing strategy to get clients. You will need to plan the prices you charge. You will need to plan for business expenses and how you can profit outside of them. Now, every plan will have a monkey wrench thrown in at some point, but without one it will be hard to even get off the ground.

You will also need to anticipate the questions your potential clients will ask you. You need to be an authority on cleaning, and stumbling around for an answer can seriously impinge on that image. Again, write out key pieces of information and potential answers so that you are prepared when you speak to clients.

You will also need a cleaning strategy for each client. To learn more about that, check out the video in the link above.

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