Fire alarm service orlando

Fires are dangerous and devastating. They can come on so quickly at come with little warning. The lives of your employees and your guests are on the line. Half of high-rise fires occur in hotels, motels, offices, and facilities that care for the sick. These fires could be caused by electrical shortages, gas leaks, or could be started in the kitchens. But as soon as those red and orange flames start dancing, everyone is on danger. In order to keep everyone safe, make sure the fire alarm systems are fully operational and inspected. Here are the top fire prevention facts for your business.

1. Kitchens can be dangerous. But luckily, the fire suppression systems over large, commercial style ranges are widely effective. Non-chemical suppression in commercial kitchen is effective 96% of the time in suppressing fires. The best way to keep them operating at peak performance levels is to have them inspected and maintained with a fire inspection service. This regular inspection will greatly reduce the risk to your employees and your guests. Nothing is worse than having headlines about your business being destroyed by a fire where people were injured or even killed.

2. Fires kill. In motels and hotels, people are packed into buildings. A fire can be a horrible test of emergency services and fire alarm systems. Not everyone survives and with so many people coming and going, it can be hard to make sure everyone gets out. Fires in motels and hotels are responsible for 15 deaths and 150 injuries per year. That number would be higher if not for fire alarm systems and fire alarm inspection services.

3. Fire alarm systems can fail. If not properly maintained and inspected with a fire inspection service, systems can fail. It is estimated that 44% of chemical suppression systems, both wet and dry chemical, failures were due to a lack of maintenance. Have your system inspected regularly to avoid unnecessary damage to your business, reputation, and checkbook.

Fires are dangerous and costly. It is in everyone’s best interest to prevent fires when possible. The best way to prevent damage and to keep the fire from spreading is with fire alarm systems. If regularly inspected and maintained, these systems work to protect your business interests and guests. Contact fire protection services to set up a consultation for your business.

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