Gearbox rebuild kits

Engineering makes the world go ’round. Literally! Without the efforts of people of different skill sets, from up and down the chain, many of the tools we take for granted would be completely unavailable. But how do engineers go about making sure they maintain the quality necessary to keep entire countries thriving? Enter the industrial gearbox. A catch-all term to talk about mechanical equipment and the various drives and screws necessary to keep machines working, this is the foundation that brings it all together.

Did You Know?

How familiar are you with the ins and outs of the engineering world? Let’s check out some quick facts. Steel is the single mots recycled material on the planet, with some estimates gauging as much as 90% of all steel used is actively recycled. Not only is steel one of the most vital materials used in a functioning modern society, but it’s an entire industry that keeps employed as many as three million people around the world. Another six million assist in various supporting industries.

The American Engineering Industry

The United States has been a pioneer for engineering efforts for many decades now. Back in 2010 the country exported industrial machines to an impressive value of $42 billion. Machinery manufacturing shipments totaled over $400 billion. That’s as much as 7% of all manufacturing shipments conducted in 2012 alone! But how do these statistics factor into the function of the industrial gearbox?

The Industrial Gearbox

An industrial gearbox is an engineer’s bread and butter. This translates into an entire sub-industry that provides various services such as tank fabrication and gearbox repair to keep everything running smoothly. Not only has this translated into more bountiful resources, it’s also translated into more strict rules when it comes to proper maintenance and care. Hydrostatic testing of newly installed natural gas pipelines, for example, have been required by federal law since the 1970’s.

Common Warning Signs

What are signs that your industrial gearbox may not be up to snuff? You’ll need to be able to pinpoint them to make sure you’re not creating a small problem with big consequences down the pipeline. Four of the most common warning signs of a gearbox reaching critical failure are as follows — excessive noise, fluid leaks, vibration and oil contamination. Where do these come from? They are often a result of leaky seals or electric fluting. A gearbox rebuild guide can help you spot these errors, while repair and renewal services are suggested if you need further assistance.

Using Gearbox Repair Services Yearly

The year 2012 saw the construction machinery, farm machinery and mining and oil field machinery industries leading a collective $100 billion in shipments. As you can imagine, the benefits of automatic gearbox repair isn’t going to fade into obscurity anytime soon. For those that have noticed some less-than-savory side-effects in their industrial gearbox, vibration analysis services can pinpoint even the smallest errors and get you back up to speed. Think you can spruce up your box alone? Then gearbox rebuild kits should be on your to-buy list. Engineering slows down for no one. Make sure you’re ahead of the game!

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