What’s something you think of when you hear the term ‘strong first impression’?

Do you think of the outfit someone is wearing? How about their greeting or the way they smile? It’s not a big leap to compare this first impression with the impact your art wall panels leave. The trade show exhibit, at its core, is a bunch of positive elements clustered together to leave people smiling. When you narrow down the fundamentals, setting a good example is a lot easier to do.

Mobile partition walls, or wall panels, are the foundation of a strong trade show presence. Check out the list below to get some useful, actionable tips on setting up a powerful first impression for your prospects.

Quality Over Quantity Is The Name Of The Game

Would you rather have a thousand disinterested people or a hundred curious prospects? When it comes to marketing, the latter will help you a lot more. Nearly 45% of attendees attend just one trade show every year, according to studies. Nearly 65% of exhibitors, on the other hand, have stated the quality of attendees is the most important factor. Put away the fluff metrics and focus on what truly matters: connecting with individuals on a personal level.

Prospects Are The Main Goal, Not Sales

The point of a trade show isn’t to get as many sales as possible. You’re trying to reach out to prospects who already want to know more about your products and services. It takes an average of four and a half sales calls to close a sale without an exhibition lead, according to recent statistics. The average trade show attendee will spend nearly six hours at a live event, to boot. How are you going to use that time to your advantage?

It Never Hurts To Be Extra Flexible

Let’s say you’re setting up your trade show exhibition and you forgot to bring a few of the posters. Do you have the right set-up to rearrange everything and still make it look complete? Wall panels are useful because they can be mixed and matched at will. Temporary art walls are easy to scroll, slide, and layer, even if you’re short on time. Try practicing with them a few weeks before the event so you can always stay prepared.

Double-Check Your Graphic Design For The Basics

The function of graphic design is to communicate as much as possible with as little as possible. This means using simple color schemes, appealing graphics, and big text. The most common rule-of-thumb is that your posters and banners should be legible at 20 feet or less. Over 65% of trade show attendees visit so they can see current clients: make sure they’re not squinting when they walk by! The first impression puts yourself in the shoes of strangers, all the with the goal of encouraging another visit.

Decorate Your Art Walls With Appealing Photos And Posters

Nobody wants to visit an exhibit that looks dead on arrival. Liven up the space with attractive colors and big, appealing photographs. The majority of businessowners today at 85% participate in trade shows to raise awareness of the company. Nearly 30% of them will start planning their trade show marketing one to two months before the show. Reach out to friends and ask them to give you a second pair of eyes on your set-up.

Strong first impressions are all around us. Cultivate yours with flexible, appealing moveable walls.

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