Putting together a trade show is crafting a first impression. Every little detail counts.

Unfortunately, anything can go wrong when you least expect it. You can have a sign fall off at the last second, leaving you scrambling for something to fill the empty space. Sometimes accidents happen and you’ve only got a few minutes to patch up your work before the first round of browsers walk up. Flexibility is the name of the game, at the end of the day, and nothing modular wall systems can’t handle. Display walls are a useful tool for museums, trade shows, and any presentation that requires visual flair.

Need a few tips to get the most out of your modular wall panels? Set up your trade show for success by looking below.

Remember The Function Of A Physical Trade Show

You’re not trying to sell anything off the bat at a trade show. You’re trying to generate leads from people who already have an interest in your services or products. According to a survey, 90% of trade show attendees say their main reason for visiting is to see new products early. Around 45% of these attendees will only visit one per year, to boot. Rather than fear the pressure, embrace just how much of a strong first impression you can make with your set-up.

Create Large Text That’s Easy To Read At A Distance

One way to put your best foot forward? Make sure your set-up is as accessible as possible. You don’t want visitors having to squint to see your space, so double-check your posters and banners to make sure they are legible at a distance. A good rule-of-thumb to follow is the 20 foot rule: if you can’t read it that far, your text is not big enough! Keep the text simple and avoid obnoxious fonts to stay easy on the eyes.

Embrace The ‘Less Is More’ Philosophy In Your Design

Just like you would with text, keep your photos, clip art, and illustrations the focus. You don’t want to go overboard with colors and graphics to the point nobody knows where to look first. Around 65% of trade show visitors attend to see current clients: make sure they’re delighted, not confused, when they arrive. Consider reaching out to a graphic designer who can help bring out the potential in your art walls. When in doubt, less is more!

Practice Setting Up And Taking Down Your Office Walls Beforehand

If you’re a little worried about potential accidents, prep early by practicing with your modular wall systems. Pick them up, shift them around, fold them away. This is useful for both addressing minor problems and for changing your layout on-the-go. Try to do this as early as possible to keep your schedule free. According to recent studies on trade show trends, 30% of exhibitors tend to do marketing one to two months before their show.

Put Pamphlets And Business Cards In Easy-To-Find Locations

Want your visitors to take something with them before they leave? Put your pamphlets, t-shirts, and business cards somewhere where they can see. Just the idea they can have a little freebie is a great way to generate hype and gently remind them months down the road. Modular office walls can be customized with pins or pockets to hold your items. Put your extras somewhere close, yet out of the way so your space doesn’t look cluttered.

The first impression is a lot more enjoyable than it sounds. Bring out your best work with flexible modular wall systems.

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