Primary containment requirements are critical to prevent corrosion or pollution of soil, water, as well as the content, been stored –
whether it’s water, fuel or industrial chemicals storage tank. There are many liner products available in the market, but when it comes to efficiency, one product stands out from the pack, which is PVC gas tank liners. These are heavy-duty flexible tank liners that offer a cost-effective alternative to other primary containment methods.

Internal PVC tanks liners also provide corrosion protection to a wide range of industrial chemicals. The liner is installed inside the tank to offer primary containment.

Suitable for Primary Containment

In addition to primary containment, PVC tank liners are also useful when used as secondary containment for spills. Secondary containment refers to an outer wall or membrane that prevents chemical leakages and environmental contamination. If you’re choosing a containment liner for your storage tank, consider PVC for the utmost chemical, reactive, toxic, combustible and flame resistance. They preserve your tank integrity for long.

Secondary containment is necessary even for water storage tanks to prevent potential contaminants from leaking to the environment.
Here are some of the benefits of PVC tank liners.

  • Easy installation and repair because it’s fabricated in one large piece
  • Proper fit since the liner is custom fabricated to your specific needs
  • Less maintenance unlike other industrial tanks liners
  • Durable due to exceptional chemical and abrasion resistance. It also has high puncture strength against cracks and holes
  • Flexibility allows the liners to have excellent interface friction and they come in different thickness

Installing a PVC gas tank liner will surely protect the tank against corrosion and prevent leakage or surface contamination. But to ensure the tank continues to meet the safety standards there are a few things you need to consider, and they are:

Tank Inspection

Inspecting your tank is critical in ensuring problems are detected early and that the specific components function properly. Some of these components to be inspected include first the tank liner, ancillary equipment such as stairways and ladders, anchor bolts and earth connections, tank bottom and roof inspection.

The inspection is done by a qualified inspector or operations personnel and it involves inspecting the internal and external components of a tank. Visual inspections should be done on the outer surface of the tank while an ultrasonic inspection is conducted on the shell, roof and floor to get the thickness measurements. The inspector will check for damages and recommend repairs.

Storage Tank and Liner Cleaning

Ensuring your tank and liner is clean will help to preserve the quality of the content stored – whether it’s drinking water or industrial chemical. It is a complex process and therefore it should be left to the hands of the profession who understand proper ways of cleaning and know the right cleaning chemicals to use.

For petrochemical and industrial chemical storage tanks, it’s possible for product residue to collect at the bottom of the tank forming a sludge. If the sludge is not removed, the quality of the liquid stored will be compromised.

Tank Repair and Modification

Once the cleaning is complete, it’s time to work on the repairs and conduct any necessary modifications to the tank. Both minor and major fixes need to be addressed before the tank is used again to prevent hazardous elements from leaking into the environment. If your gas tank liner is damaged, you need to its replacement. Some of the causes of tank damage include.

  • Fires
  • Corrosion
  • Abrasion
  • Weak foundations
  • Pressurization
  • Natural calamities like floods, tornadoes, mudslides and hurricanes

When searching for a containment solution for your tank, there are plenty of industrial tank liners in the market, but PVC liners have proved to be the best solution out there.


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