What do customers want to get out of their campsite when the weather becomes hot and their schedule is a lot more open?

Some customers are eager for a campsite to supplement their camping routine and provide them a ‘home base’ of sorts to fall back on once they’re done hiking, swimming and fishing. Others want to know their campground franchise is providing them with the amenities they need to have fun family gatherings. When you provide a campsite business for sale you need to be familiar with all these reasons and then some. Camping is one of the most popular recreational activities in the United States, boasting millions of visitors to campsites year in and year out, and like any good business you need to stay in touch with what people need.

What are the ingredients required to make good family campgrounds?

Outdoor Cooking Amenities

Before you create a campground franchise, think back to the last time you enjoyed a weekend off with family and friends. What were your favorite activities? A recent survey found nearly 80% of campers participate in outdoor cooking while they’re camping, with grills and smokers being the most popular way of socializing and enjoying a meal. A solid campground should provide easy access to fire pits and grills, with warning signs provided to keep people enjoying their free time as safely as possible. This includes properly disposing of any toiletries and excess trash that could attract animals..

Close To Home, But Not Too Close

Another factor people actively seek out when visiting a campsite is proximity. It helps to be close enough to home to save money on gas, but far enough to still get away from the workweek. Recent research found 50% of all travel ventures being less than 100 miles away from home while camping. Take a little extra time to learn about your real estate franchises before creating a campsite business for sale. Turns out location isn’t just for selling homes, but also for creating a campground that sees the same visitors year after year.

Embrace RV Enthusiasts

Another aspect you should consider is embracing RV enthusiasts. RVIA recently estimated there are over 30 million RV enthusiasts in the United States, including renters, and more campgrounds than ever are tweaking their design to embrace this popular niche. There are over 12,000 RV-related businesses in the country with a combined annual revenue of $38 billion. Whether it means creating larger parking spots or adding charging stations, encouraging more RV renters and owners to drop by will mean more money for you.

Clean And Orderly

No business will create repeat customers if it looks disorderly, poorly maintained or dirty. This goes for bars, this goes for non-profits and this goes for your campsite business for sale. Family campgrounds run the gamut of brand new to old-fashioned, with the former starting to be desired more for its friendlier appearance and updated amenities. One of the top three most important features to campers today is access to free wi-fi, for example, and you can imagine these tastes will only get more specific as time goes on. When in doubt? Keep the basics close at hand.

Creating A Campsite Business For Sale

Campground franchises are a great way to combine your love of camping with your nose for business. Today six out of 10 households confidently state someone in their home has gone camping recently. Additional data shows nearly 65% of campers over the age of 16 were either married or living with a partner. When you invest in an RV park or start adding more advanced amenities to your campground franchise? Your potential for growth is astronomical. When you want to embrace a new entrepreneurial pursuit that only gets more popular by the day, consider purchasing a campsite business for sale.

You know what constitutes a good campground. The rest is up to you!

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