What is for dinner?
This is the question that can cause an argument, lead to a blank stare, or send the family out of the house to an expensive restaurant for dinner. In fact, if you are having to ask what is for dinner there is a decent chance that there is nothing ready, because in today’s hectic world if there is something planned for an evening meal you would already know about it.

For many Americans it is not just the cooking that prevents a family from having a home cooked meal, it is the planning and the shopping for ingredients. It should come as no surprise then that there are a growing number of companies that actually plan meals for their clients and deliver the needed items. At the customer’s request, these meals can be delivered once a week, once a month, or any time that they are wanted. In fact, perishable foods operations offer a wide array of options for their clients who want to have a healthy, home cooked meal as often as possible. The fact that the premeasured ingredients come to your house means that all you have to do is cook the ready made ingredients.

Food Inventory Management Software Is an Important Part of Many Companies

In addition to the many companies that offer home delivery meals, there are also a number of reasons for food traceability software. From keeping the grocery store shelves stocked with fresh produce to making sure that the corner gas station does not sell outdated products, there are many reasons why companies need the latest inventory systems. In fact, grocery store inventory software platforms are increasingly used for the purpose of working with local growers, in addition to wholesale producers around the country. In fact, as many as 61% of shoppers want their grocery store produce department to stock more local items, and this can only be achieved with the most detailed planning.

With a number of delivery options available, it should come as no surprise that the price of many of these products, whether they are delivered to your home or you buy them at the store, reflect the price of these delivery plans. For instance, delivery options that are from a local farmer may actually be less expensive than the fees for delivery options of produce that arrives from across the country.

If you want to have an understanding of the costs that are involved in the delivery of the food that we eat it is necessary to see the breakdown of the contributing factors. For instance, each year getting food to U.S. tables requires the following:

  • 80% of our freshwater
  • 10% of our available energy
  • 50% of our land

Shelf life management is an important part of every grocery store in the nation. Given that more and more companies are also delivering fresh produce to homes across the country, these same inventory solutions are needed for these services as well.

What is for dinner at your house tonight? Are you cooking something from items that you purchased yourself at the grocery store? Are you preparing items that were delivered to your home from a meal delivery service? Or, are you throwing your hands in the air and just taking the family out for pizza?

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