If you have ever looked into digital marketing jobs, you might have heard or seen of copywriting before. In this article, we will break down what exactly copywriting is.

Copywriting 101

At it’s core, copywriting is simply writing words that will “convert” people. Since copywriting is used in marketing, this means getting people to take monetary action.

Video Source

Copywriting can not only be present in words but also in images and videos.

The Art of Writing Copy

With this broad definition of copywriting, many people would simply imagine that this writing would be straightforward. But in most cases, if you just emailed someone or sent them a letter asking for money, it would almost be impossible to get them to give you money. This is why copywriting is such a tough skill to learn. It’s about formulating words in a sense that drive emotion or hit on pain points that connect to the person reading.

Balancing The Needs

In order to effectively write copy, the writer needs to understand that the person reading needs to see the benefits of taking that monetary action. If they do not, all of this writing just be seen as a waste of time and no monetary action will be taken.


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