It’s estimated that over 252,000 new websites are created every day. How can you make your website stand out from all the rest? You need a good web designer. Darren Taylor, the host of the YouTube channel The SEM Academy Show, lists these tips for finding a great web design agency.

You need to find out if the agency will buy a web domain for you, or if you can keep the domain that you already have.

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Getting the right domain name is very important in order to attract new customers. you also want to ensure that you own that domain name. You don’t want the web design agency to own it. You also want to make sure that you own all of the files on your website. It should also be easy for you to access these files.

Ask your potential web design agency if they use a content management system or CMS. Perhaps the best-known example of a CMS is WordPress, which makes it easy to add new content. If your new website uses a CMS that you are familiar with, then you can make minor changes to the website yourself, instead of having to wait for the web designer to do it.

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