Any business that is serious about growing its clientele base, capturing new markets, and enhancing its business image will put the building of new office locations on its priority list. The benefits offered by such a venture are many. For most businesses growth through expanding their footprints is beneficial to their image as it is often viewed as a sign of professionalism and competence. Other benefits include an opportunity to get new clients, growth in sales and profits as well offering convenient service to clients thereby adding value to the business. Have you ever wondered why large corporations have many headquarters and continue to grow into new countries and continents? The rationale behind this isn’t implausible.

Every major corporation strives to gain as much market share as possible. As a result, there is no disputing the fact that such organizations relocate their headquarters to take advantage of the numerous advantages that come with it. Here are some of the benefits you will experience if you decide to open offices in different locations.

New Clients

Having new office locations goes a long way in helping the company to build a new clientele base. Customers are more likely to put their money into a business that is within their reach to which they can relate on a personal level. To secure new business, companies should be focused on expanding to new locations. This facilitates easy prospecting as meetings are set regardless of where the customer lives.
A business having one locality will get considerable business from repeat customers. However, having another office is a positive development that will add to a pool of already existing clients. Thus an additional office allows you as a business to capture as much market share as possible.
A corporation may decide that having an overseas presence is necessary in order to deliver exceptional customer service to its committed foreign customers.

Increased Profits

While building a second office location offers an exciting chance to meet new clients the potential for real business and resultant profits will be a reachable task for the company. More revenue is created when a new pool of clients is added to the existing ones. All over the world customers want to do business with companies that are in for the long haul. By seeing new office locations the customers will be given that assurance. The more the office locations the wider the prospects of having additional clients and the greater the likelihood of having increased profits. A business stands to gain more financially in any endeavor to grow from its one place of location.

Less Competition

Expanding a business’s territory to explore new opportunities entails moving it abroad. For example, a large corporation may opt to market its product to consumers in a developing country with little competition. And every major corporation recognizes the importance of a good site while conducting business. Companies that identify a potential market for their product in another country may seek to relocate there in order to tap into the untapped market there. Growing rivalry in the local market may also encourage a company to look for a new market with potential.

Enhancing The Brand Of The Company

Any business with a goal to build its profile and grow its brand will not want to sit in the comfort zone of having to be confined to one locality. Instead, it will want to expand to new territories, seeking new markets and competing with the best in expansion. Expanding to new localities provides an opportunity to project a global outlook with the potential to reap great benefits in the longer term.

Close Ties With Customers

The opening of a new location brings business to people previously outside the physical range of your business. Customers will find working with you more convenient thereby building mutually benefitting relationships which will be a plus for your business. The flexibility of having 2 office locations brings greater convenience to the customers thereby enhancing the business relationship. Customers get attached to businesses that give them more in terms of flexibility and convenience. Rather than forcing customers to find you in one locality, having two office locations leaves it in their hands to decide where they want to get service from you.

Access To Skilled Labor

Companies that recognize a shortage of professionals capable of handling their productions well may want to go abroad in order to have access to the brightest minds available only in other nations. This is a regular occurrence in the IT business. As a result, tech or other big companies hire expertise from other nations to keep their operations running smoothly.

Exploring New Options

A business will need a new location that can give them a variety of options for example an area where there is less competition or where your service is relatively unknown. Making new options available to your business gives you a new dimension for growth. In some cases, a business may seek a new location that lowers its production cost and a good chance of making greater profits.

How To Construct The Location

Choosing a commercial building company will seem to be the best option in helping you construct a second office location. Depending on how big an enterprise you are you may need to consider either a new building constructed for your new premises. For smaller firms however it will be ideal to have the commercial company renovate an existing building available to you on lease. In this case, the structures will be modified according to your specifications. The 3d architectural design will be more ideal as they represent the new modern trend. In addition, it’s good to go for new roof construction materials like cool roofs or grass roofs. Seek commercial roofing services when constructing your building, where you will likely find roofing specialists who will do a smart and offer various services in the future like flat roof repairs. The choosing of your new office design is an important consideration since the physical appearance of your building has bearing on who you trust. Commercial building companies being experts in their field will give the best recommendations which take not only your needs into consideration but those of your client as well. Let’s look closer at some of the facts to consider when constructing your building.

Find The Right Place

When constructing your new workplace, one of the most important elements to consider is the location. Who are you as a business? What is your true self? What are your core beliefs? When looking for office space, keep all of these things in mind. Make certain that the site you select is accessible to both employees and customers. If you’re in a remote location, for example, you’re less likely to be spotted. As a result, the ideal option is to construct near the city or a major thoroughfare, where it will be visible to the general public. When it comes to your staff, consider giving amenities like transportation to make the location more comfortable.

Come Up With Design That Fits Your Needs

Make sure the office has enough space to carry out vital tasks when it’s being built. As a result, you should decide and assign appropriate office space for each portion of the business based on distinct duties before the building begins. It is extremely difficult to change the area once it has been constructed, so bear this in mind before you begin the procedure. It is great to have storage space for each office, and this is something you might want to think about in addition to the other rooms. Consider getting the help of construction engineers who use value engineering which allows you to evaluate the performance versus cost of each design element and building component in order to get the most out of your facility investment. Value engineering, when appropriately implemented throughout the design phase of building development, evaluates different design alternatives to optimize the predicted cost/worth ratio of your office after completion.

Consider Building a Server Room

Servers are the backbone of your company, running software, receiving and sending email, storing business data, and accelerating technology adoption. They must be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With so much at stake, it’s critical to create a server environment that suits your company’s specific needs. Seek professionals to work around the clock to ensure that your servers are optimized and maintained and that if an issue arises, they will begin resolving it within minutes to ensure that your business is not disrupted.

Estate Legislation/Zoning Laws

It is important to seek legal advice in matters relating to real estate and construction law, property ownership and development, contract negotiations between the contractor and developer, purchase and sale of property, etc. Real Estate law requires that buildings on the land are done in compliance with relevant requirements and standards. In the USA make sure you are in the know about estate laws of the state you are moving to as some legislation on the property may vary from state to state.

How To Move Things To Your New Building

Moving your office to a new location can be a difficult task because you are likely unfamiliar with the area.You and your company will need to become acquainted with the new location’s legal requirements. You will also need to be aware of the local culture. And you’ll have to compete with companies that are comparable to yours. Moving your workplace to a new location will be easier if you follow the helpful guidelines listed below.

Hire a Reputable Moving Company

Depending on how big your organization is you might need to enlist the services of a moving company whose experience and professional approach are vital for successful operation. The choice obviously should be reputable movers that are licensed, insured, and with a proven record of providing moving help. The moving help companies are experts in paying attention to detail and taking nothing for granted in ensuring that the task of moving into a new location is smooth in operation and cost-effective. Asking around for recommendations of experienced moving companies should be the way to go with quotations made from different organizations before settling for your chosen option. To facilitate a smooth operation of the process and easy coordination, it will be appropriate to appoint among your staff a moving Manager and his planning team to liaise with the moving company. The moving Manager’s role of being the contact person for the moving company will help avoid chances of contradicting orders from your organization to the moving company. It ensures that there is only one line of communication between the two organizations.It also helps to ensure that all company properties are accounted for after the move and vital documents do not find themselves in the wrong hands.

Inform Your Employees

Good communication with employees, customers, and suppliers is essential during the change. Talk to them early about the new building so you can address any difficulties before they interrupt you moving things to the location. Make frequent announcements about your goals, and be as specific as possible about what customers may expect along the road

There is no doubt that there are pros just as there are cons when it comes to having a second location. Building a second office location may be the logical next step to growing your business. Different office locations make it simple to reach out to more clients. An organization seeking to have a new location will have a fair share of its challenges. It’s thrilling to open a second site. You’re rapidly expanding your company. Make a plan to ensure that everything goes well and your business is a long-term success.

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