If you’re looking for a way to bring your colleagues together, team bonding activities are not to be underestimated. No matter the field of profession one may reside in, be it security, accountancy, or the medical field – teams need to be able to work harmoniously with one another. This video will show you how one team exercise can bring colleagues together.

The exercise does not take long and is bound to be successful because it incorporates fun and surprising tactics.

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It involves using flip chart paper and creating a hole in the middle so participants of the exercise can wear it. The video demonstrates how to transform paper into a makeshift poncho. From here, the instructions for the exercise are explained in the video. In short, every individual who is participating will get a chance to write down some encouraging and uplifting words about a fellow team member on the back of their poncho.

When everyone has something written on their back, they will get to see the kind words others would have written about them. The training will be good for boosting the confidence of individuals and strengthening the bonds of team members – thus creating a united front.

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