Besides the fact that water bodies occupy a larger percentage that dry land on Earth, only 3% of this water is freshwater. This means there is an acute shortage of freshwater for drinking and other uses that require fresh water. However, treatment processes must be done to the wastewater to make it useful and fresh for consumption.

In the world of water treatment systems, dissolved air floatation is a major undertaking. DAF wastewater treatment is becoming a popular method of removing insoluble solids while at the same time, making water clear for human consumption. However, you need to consider the services offered by dissolved air flotation manufacturers before buying DAF water treatment equipment.

1. Equipment Versatility

One of the important aspects that you should understand when dealing with dissolved air flotation manufacturers is that they are the original equipment manufacturers. Therefore, the quality of the equipment you purchase is determined by the manufacturer. The same happens when it comes to the versatility of the DAF equipment under consideration. For you to get the right wastewater treatment equipment, you should deal with dissolved air flotation manufacturers who sell versatile systems.

2. Clarification or Filtration

As indicated above, dissolved air flotation manufacturers process the equipment using their designs and creativity. In wastewater treatment, filtration and clarification are two different activities. You will come across DAF systems that can be used for clarification, while others can only be used for filtration. It is upon you to determine what meets your tastes and preferences. However, in an ideal situation, you should focus on getting a dissolved air flotation system that can be used for both clarification and filtration.

3. Technology Incorporation

It is common knowledge that an advanced DAF system will be essential in ensuring that wastewater treatment takes the process as expected. You don’t want a system that finds it hard to separate sludge with clean water. Some of the DAF systems, especially those that don’t have the latest technology, are not the most efficient when it comes to producing equipment with the latest technology. Always focus on working with manufacturers who are using the latest technology because they will give you advanced equipment.

4. Adhering to Regulatory Requirements

When you are buying a DAF wastewater treatment system, you should be aware that the government has incorporated various policies and strategies that must be followed. The issue of environmental protection and sustainability aspects must be incorporated. You should not buy equipment from dissolved air flotation manufacturers who do not meet the regulatory policies from the municipal and other governing bodies. Always focus on working with companies that adhere to the set policies because you will get the right equipment.

5. Warranty Services

Another important after-sale service that you should always put into consideration when you are dealing with dissolved air flotation manufacturers is warranty services. Dissolved air flotation equipment is expensive equipment that requires advanced technical knowledge in the installation, repair, and maintenance. You must be prepared to use your money in the hope that your system will work as expected. Additionally, you should work with equipment manufacturers who are willing to offer an extended warranty period that will save you some money when it comes to equipment repair.

6. Highest Quality

Dissolved air flotation equipment manufacturers use different techniques when they are constructing such equipment. Therefore, there is a high chance that the quality of the wastewater equipment will vary from one organization to the other. Your idea is to make sure that you work with the best company possible. Buy your DAF system in a reliable and trusted company that incorporates high quality manufacturing practices. This is the only way you will be able to get a system that meets your wastewater treatment needs.

There are many dissolved air flotation manufacturers out there in the industry. However, Process Engineering Water Equipment LLC is the leading wastewater equipment manufacturer since 2007. The company provides the highest quality DAF systems. Contact us today for on-time delivery of your DAF wastewater system.

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