In spite of the rise of the Internet and digital communication as a whole, paper and cardstock are still very much relevant in today’s business world. Wholesale paper is often bought in great quantities from wholesale paper suppliers across the United States, and this even includes cardstock paper wholesale purchases and white shimmer paper and wholesale envelopes. Businesses have great need for the Internet and computers, to be sure, but paper offers some advantages over digital media and can in other cases compliment it. In a related field, signs are still an effective means of advertising in cities and towns today. When a client needs cardstock paper wholesale for purchase, they can turn to local paper suppliers who will have a great variety of paper on hand. Better still, all this paper is not necessarily polluting the environment a lot, because paper recycling is more robust than ever.

Making the Purchase

The United States manufactures plenty of paper from wood pulp, and now in the 21st century, American paper makers are producing some 92 million metric tons of it every year. This paper varies in thickness, size, and quality based on its need, from simple note book paper or printer paper to large posters or business cards, and the envelopes that some of these papers may be placed inside. Paper producers make them all, and wholesale suppliers will have the means to sell them to clients. Many offices may make cardstock paper wholesale purchases along with printer paper, and a newspaper or book printing company will of course need a lot of paper for their products. Today, the United States is home to nearly four trillion paper documents, and this rate is growing 22% a year, such as at offices. It is believed that just one American office worker will use some 10,000 sheets of paper every single year, and all of this paper must come from somewhere.

A client may look for a new paper supplier if they have expanded their operations, or if an old supplier is no longer an option for some reason. The manager may use phone calls and the Internet alike to find new suppliers, and this may include search queries such as “cardstock paper wholesale San Francisco CA” or “bulk printer paper Boston MA” to get started. A reputable wholesaler will have a quality call center where clients may speak to sales representatives, and these wholesalers should have positive customer reviews as well. On top of that, a good wholesaler will not only have the goods but also the trucks or other vehicles to deliver this paper safely and on time. A company that frequently makes late deliveries may not be so appealing.

What Paper Does

With the Internet, social media, and e-mail around, one might wonder what paper is still doing here. Plenty, in fact. Paper is a physical product that a person may touch and even smell, and this appeals to the body’s natural senses and helps the mind latch onto it. American and Canadian studies have shown that consumers will more easily remember the contents of a paper document than an e-mail or PDF, and paper is sometimes seen as being more personal and trustworthy. Similarly, paper neatly avoids some of the pitfalls of electronic media such as clutter and malware. E-mail inboxes are often hopelessly full, and a person may be receiving many more e-mails than they really want or need. Even important e-mails may get lost and buried in the digital clutter, and a person may have far too many e-mail subscriptions.

Besides that, e-mails, websites, and hyperlinks are known for sometimes carrying malware such as computer viruses, spybots, and more. Phishing scams involve sending phony e-mails that imitate real senders, and their links or attachments may steal the recipient’s personal information. Most often, this is done to steal bank account information or credit card information and steal money. Many people have to be taught basic Internet safety, including avoiding strange e-mails and their attachments. But this could never happen with a piece of paper mail, even something as simple as an ad. Paper mail avoids digital clutter and will never spread harmful material, making it quite trustworthy. Paper mail, due to being physical, may even be gratifying to open and handle.

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