Frequencies used in induction melting vary between 50 cycles per second, which is known as mains frequency, and 10,000 cycles. Induction melting refers to increasing the temperature of electrical conductors with the use of alternating electromagnetic fields. Induction of electric current to electric conductor results in power dissipation in the form of heat. There are various ways in which induction heating is used including annealing, tempering, heating metals during the soldering process, and even in induction furnaces.

There are numerous reasons why an induction furnace is advantageous. Learning about these advantages is important because you will be in a position to figure out if you need one l for your business. Knowing the benefits that come with an induction melting furnace helps in evaluating your needs before commencing the purchasing process of a new or used induction furnace to make your job easy as well as save you money. Here are the advantages that an induction furnace has to offer.

Cost Friendly

We are living in tough economic times, and going for something that is cost-efficient is among the best decisions a business owner can make. Purchasing a new or used induction furnace is a good idea because induction melting does not consume much energy when compared to other options available today. An induction melting furnace functions by passing an electric current through copper coils to generate energy and a magnetic field that plays the key role of heating or melting the material inside. More often than not, the electric current does not have to be as strong to achieve the heating or melting goal. This means that using an induction melting furnace scales down energy needs, and the money that would have otherwise gone to catering for high energy costs ends up as a bonus to your profits.

Uniform Heating

With an induction melting furnace, you are rather assured of uniformed heating in the entire internal chamber. Uniform heating is a priceless advantage given that you will never be worried about being unable to maintain constant temperatures as well as hot spots in the melting furnace. The art of melting metals calls for ensuring that temperatures constantly remain the same and never vary. This is because metals come with fixed melting points, and consistent temperature is the only way to ensure you get the best result. In a nutshell, induction heating is the best option for anyone scouting for a way to avoid inconsistencies and quality issues that come with open flames, torch heating and other related methods

Environment Friendly

pollution is a big debate in the 21st century due to effects such as global warming. With induction heating, you will be helping in the fight against the pollution menace that continues to wreak havoc today. This is for the reason that an induction furnace has what it takes to burn cleaner as compared to its counterparts. Having a used induction furnace in your business, for example, means that you will not be emitting any traces of fumes given that it does not run on fuel or burn gas. On the contrary, the used induction furnace gifts you with clean-burning energy that offers a conducive working place for employees. It is along the same lines that you will be helping bring down the pollution levels that are a big threat to Mother Nature. There is no doubt that the use of induction heating is a win-win scenario for all of us.

Improved Productivity

An induction melting furnace is designed to heat almost immediately. You will never have to deal with cooling down or warming up stages given that melting furnaces startups are rather instantaneous. This is an enormous advantage thanks to the speeding up of different processes like those touching on brazing and soldering.

Better Quality

Induction heating helps in taking product quality a notch higher. This is because there is no direct contact between the heating element and the heat source. This means that there is a significant lowering of issues such as rejection rates, warping, and distortion.


The fact that induction melting has many benefits is indisputable. If you plan to buy a new or used induction furnace, talking to trusted induction furnace manufacturers near you will be a good place to start.

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