Since the 1980s, epoxy resins have been favored in automotive coatings for their heat resistance, mechanical strength and adhesion to metals. Automotive resin helps protect the bodywork of a care from corrosion and other damages.

Manufacturers rely on their automotive resin distributors for resin used in vehicles and as well as in flooring and construction to name a few uses. Automotive resin distributors, much like plastic distributors and plastic raw distributors supply auto manufacturers with needed materials to create the best vehicles they can.

Take electric cars for example. It’s estimated there are now more than a million electric cars on U.S. roadways and sales of electric cars hit a peak in 2018. As their popularity grows, so too will the demand for resin from automotive resin distributors as manufacturers try to widen the number of choices they can offer to customers.

Automotive resin distributors are essential for the future of electric vehicles because the epoxy resin places an important role in their creation. The battery packs for electric vehicles are coated with an epoxy resin that makes them resistant to chemicals and moisture as well as thermal shock. These resins also help dissipate and insulate heat.

Automotive resin distributors also distribute resin that’s used for body panels, accessories and other automotive parts. As mentioned above, parts with resin are favored because they are durable, are very adhesive to different kinds of metal and resistant to corrosion and moisture. Body panels benefit from resin coatings by getting improved protection from them. This not only minimized wear and tear, but it also adds a “wet-look” aesthetic, which is favored by some consumers.

Believe it or not, the average consumer can use epoxy at home too. It can be used for automotive repairs, maintenance and even automobile customization. In the case of electric vehicles, car owners can transform their cars from drab to fab with some creativity and know-how. Many online sites offer epoxy resin stickers, decals and badges for folks to use on windows, wheel center caps and body panels.

Automotive resin distributors, raw plastic distributors and polymer distributors are just a few of the people who provide the necessary materials for automobile companies to make first-rate cars. The U.S. plastics industry contributes about $375 million to the U.S. economy and by using plastics and various types of resin, consumers can buy cars that are durable and will last a long time.

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