Load boards, also known as freight boards, are online matching systems which bring into contact shippers and freight careers so they can enter into agreements to move freight. Shippers and freight brokers post loads on the load boards, while carriers post their free equipment. Load board integration allows shippers and freight carriers to find each other and enter into mutually beneficial contracts. Below are few benefits to a freight broker, shipper, or trucker who uses load board integrations:

Automated Load Posting In Seconds
The freight broker software allows a freight broker to post multiple listings almost instantly. Moreover, it accepts various methods of integration such as web extraction, TMS software, or FTP since the system accepts all.

Reliable Truck Locator
You can find available trucks through real-time GPS. This puts your loads in the hands of active carriers for timely transport.

Unlimited Search for Truck or Load
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, trucking transported nearly 15 billion tons of cargo in 2013 alone. This number is expected to rise to rise to 18.79 billion tons by 2040. The transportation management software has a database that allows searching by radius, city, or zip code for the most appropriate trailer type to move your freight load.

Monitoring the Carrier
As a transportation broker, you get to know details of your chosen carrier such as licensing, insurance, and safety information. You also receive ongoing notifications about any changes in carrier status as they happen.

Freight Rate Checking Tool
Load board integration has a Rate Check Tool that allows you to calculate freight rates and determine the profitability of a load. This helps you to stay competitive and attract more customers regardless of the season.

Efficient Dispatching Process
Load board integration allows a shipper to transmit route data to their freight carriers, who in turn submit their quotations almost instantly by just a few clicks. This way, transport assignment can be easily adapted to the individual needs of the shippers.

Shipment Tracking
Load board integration allows the shipper to constantly keep track the movement of freight loads. This ensures transparency about deliveries.

Load board integrations are a vital facility for efficient operation of the business of any manufacturer, shipper, freight broker, or trucker.

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