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The First Minute Is the Most Important What to Do When a Crisis Occurs

Written by Small Business Magazine on September 30th, 2016. Posted in Employee communication software, Mass communication software, Mass text software

Emergency notification system vendors

A crisis occurs. Lives are at risk and the clock is ticking. What do you do?

That first minute during an emergency situation is the most important 60 seconds you may ever face. Despite the fear and panic welling up in your stomach, you must take action. The outcome of this emergency will depend on how that first minute is spent. Do you have a plan in place?

It is essential for a business to be fully prepared for any kind of crisis. Here are the three core elements of any emergency action plan that must be completed during the first minute of the incident.

  1. Inform

    The very first thing you should do is inform all personnel of the situation. You have very little time, so you can only do this in so many words. Therefore, the best way to pass along

4 Types of Alarm Systems How to Choose the Right Option

Written by Small Business Magazine on September 29th, 2016. Posted in Cctv camera solution, Integrated security systems, Security access control

Commercial surveillance

More that 50% of intruders say that they will discontinue a burglary when they discover an alarm system at their target business. This indicates the significance of installing the right alarm systems in your business. Ideally, there are specific options for home and business use. Many businesses use a combination of options to get the protection they need. When choosing a security system, the choice depends on your type of business and the nature of the protected assets.

Bells Only Alarms

This is the basic type of security alarm and most insurance companies wouldn’t consider it. If it is triggered, it makes an audible alarm that alerts you or your neighbor about an intruder. This system needs to be fitted by a certified installer.

Auto (GSM) Dialer or Speech diallers System

If you prefer a

What Is The Common Factor Uniting Computers, Phones And Consoles?

Written by Small Business Magazine on September 29th, 2016. Posted in Pcb fabrication, Prototype circuit boards, Prototype pcb assembly

Printed circuit board prototype

Do you use a computer when you’re at home? How about a laptop? It’s actually a little difficult to not be in contact with a form of technology somehow and someway when you’re going to work, school or visiting family. Who do we have to thank, though, for so many useful and varied products of technology making our lives easier and more interconnected than ever before? Circuit board prototyping is a process that involves designing, producing and selling the circuit boards that undercut any and all electronic technology — cellphones, home computers, laptops, manufacturing machinery, you name it! Let’s look at the history of the printed circuit board prototype, where it originally came from and how it’s developed today.

History Of The Printed Circuit Board

Did yo

Essential Tips for Creating a Working Marijuana Investment Strategy

Written by Small Business Magazine on September 27th, 2016. Posted in Cannabis business license regulations, Colorado marijuana business license, Marijuana consultant

Cannabis business license application

In 2014, investments in marijuana industry rose by 74 percent up from $1.5 billion for the previous year, according to The ArcView Group. The figures have continued growing since then making the industry an attractive venture for other investors. Even with many investors flocking to this opportunity, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is generally lucrative. Every investment opportunity has its own perks and pitfalls, so it’s usually wise to get prepared with a marijuana investment strategy.

Ways to Invest in the Marijuana Industry

For a successful strategy, it is important to identify the best areas to invest in. In most states, you can only have two licenses out of about 17 areas of marijuana business optio

Does Your Inspection Software Offer Compliance Management?

Written by Small Business Magazine on September 27th, 2016. Posted in Ehs compliance management, Ehs reporting software, Environmental software

Environmental auditing software

Meeting the demands of the Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability (EHS) can be difficult as a business owner. You are required to have quarterly too annual EHS reports that require a huge amount of work. With so many different things to consider in your inspection software you may overlook a few things. One of the things many businesses forget with their EHS reporting software is compliance management.

You should easily be able to get compliance management in your audit software. Here?s why it is important to have it implemented as part of your inspection software program.

  1. The Safety Software Helps Maintain Ongoing Compliances

It?s important to have an inspection software that helps with monitoring regulatory requirements put int

What Is Patent Litigation?

Written by Small Business Magazine on September 22nd, 2016. Posted in Commercial cases, Judge thomas e. scott, Robert bonner

Judge george pratt

Patent litigation occurs when someone infringes on a patent belonging to an inventor, business, or other entity. In most cases, when someone sues over the rights of a patent, the alleged ?infringer? will counter-sue, claiming that the patent is not valid. There are several ways to handle a patent infringement lawsuit and a number of possible outcomes, including:

Injunction Relief

An injunction orders the infringer to cease the production or sale of the infringing product. It stops them from illegally using your intellectual property, but it does not provide you with compensation.

Exclusion Order

The case may be taken to the International Trade Commission (ITC) if the infringer is a foreign entity and you, the patent owner, are an ?efficiently-run dome

The Simple Benefits of RCM Asset Management

Written by Small Business Magazine on September 20th, 2016. Posted in Asset integrity, Rbi, Rcm design

Integrity engineering

The benefits of RCM asset management are simple. Properly implemented, a reliability-centered maintenance program can improve system operations by taking routine care of all of its working parts in tandem. Just as every system is made up of small parts that make the entire operation stronger as a whole, RCM asset management includes several outcome objectives that, together, make for a better system overall.

  • Safety: One of the primary features of RCM design is a comprehensive understanding of present and future possible risks involved in the systems operations. In the oil and gas industry, for example, 45% of people surveyed had no idea how many security events transpired within the past 12 months, and 50% of those did not understand the nature of such events. Safety protect

Who Makes the Best Nonprofit Leaders?

Written by Small Business Magazine on September 19th, 2016. Posted in Non profit jobs in nyc, Non profit salaries, Temp agency in dc

Staffing agency

Successful nonprofit organizations have at least one thing in common: strong leadership. Nonprofit staffing companies often look for the best possible motivator. Having a strong mission and pursuit does not always qualify someone as a viable leader, which is why nonprofit search firms often come into play, to find individuals that possess the following skills:

  • Strong operational skills and financial competence.
  • Emotionally intelligence that keeps the company comfortable. A leader should be trustworthy, flexible, and empathetic in order to understand many differenr views on a matter.
  • A commitment to the cause and a full understanding of the organization’s goal.
  • A desire and drive to advocate for the organiz

Four Things to Think About Before Renting a Commercial Warehouse

Written by Small Business Magazine on September 18th, 2016. Posted in Commercial warehousing, Leasing a warehouse, Tampa office space

Finding a warehouse to rent

Are you interested in renting a warehouse? Renting a warehouse is a necessary part of business if you have inventory that has to be stored somewhere, or if you business needs a large space for operations. While renting a warehouse seems like it wouldn’t be too complicated. You aren’t going to be living in the warehouse you rent, and most likely, won’t have clientele walking through. Factors that are important when you’re leasing office space, such as location and ambiance do not really matter when you are renting a warehouse. However, Continue Reading No Comments

Get Help Determining Warehouse Space Needs

Written by Small Business Magazine on September 18th, 2016. Posted in Commercial property for rent orlando, Manufacturing warehouse space, Tampa warehouse for rent

Warehouse for rent orlando

There are a lot of different companies that may be in the market for a commercial warehouse. However, after looking at the market, they aren’t sure if buying a warehouse is the right move. It is a large upfront investment, as well as a large ongoing investment with maintenance and upkeep.

Additionally, determining warehouse space needs can be challenging for growing companies. No company wants to invest in a warehouse only to be faced with the need for an expansion a year later. One solution to this dilemma is foregoing the purchasing of a building and finding a warehouse to rent.

Renting a warehouse can solve several possible problems including determining warehouse space needs. As space needs change,