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New iPhone Features Stainless Steel Frame

Written by Small Business Magazine on January 28th, 2017. Posted in Seals, Stainless steel sign bracket, Stainless steel strapping tool

Steel strapping suppliers

Staying in contact with reliable stainless steel suppliers is great for certain industries. If you’re in need of stainless steel strapping tools for construction, if you’re using galvanized steel for other heavy duty projects, or even if you’re doing some smaller, more specific projects, steel suppliers can give you exactly what you need.

According to Business Insider, stainless steel will now even be used on one of the most popular products in the entire world. The iPhone has been a wildly successful and globally accepted product for years. Although competitive companies have dipped into Apple’s revenue pocket

Do You Need to Replace the Driveway at Your House?

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The driveway contractor had some very specific directions about caring for the new driveway he installed in the fall. At the top of the list was the directive that under absolutely no circumstances should you ever use a commercial ice melt product on the new surface. In fact, the driveway contractor explained that any warranty would be void if you used these harmful products. In addition, he assured you that there was no way to disguise the kind of damage that would occur if you used these harmful products. The resulting damage was too easy to identify.
Your husband, for his part, did not argue with the conditions of the driveway contractor. In fact, your husband pointed out, you had a south facing driveway and it was a rare occurrence when ice was really a problem at your house. When your driveway was too full of

Legal Cannabis A Growing Industry

Written by Small Business Magazine on January 17th, 2017. Posted in Cannabis business license application, Cannabis grow consulting, Growing marijuana

Cannabis growing consulting

Cannabis business license regulations will vary from city-to-city and state-to-state. This is one of the main reasons why it’s essential to contact your local, county, and state government offices in order to determine the specific regulations and what, if any, restrictions, may apply.

In general, the specific type of business will determine which license is required. Whether you are panning to offer a product, a service, or a combination of both may make a difference in the type of license required.

These businesses may include, but are not limited to, the following types:

    Cannabis consulting company

Everyone Can Contribute to the Ideal Customer Experience

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Everyone has been a customer at some point. We all know what it is like to expect a certain level of service, especially in regards to the hard-earned money that is being spent on the goods and services of any given business. And in fact the strategy of most companies is to provide customer satisfaction by catering to the expressed needs and desires of those customers, both new and returning alike.

But what many people do not consider about the ideal customer experience is the work that goes into providing it. Not everyone has been on the other side of the exchange. And though it should be common sense to treat everyone you encounter with the respect that every fellow human being deserves, it seems that not ev

Five Tricks for Lowering Your Shipping Costs

Written by Small Business Magazine on January 16th, 2017. Posted in Domestic shipping rates, Secure parcel delivery, Shipping insurance companies

Private shipping insurance

If you are an online seller, you probably know how important it is to find discount shipping rates. Even if you don’t offer free shipping, your customers will be turned off to your product if your cost of shipping is too high. And many times, you need discount shipping rates just to get the product created at all.

If your shipping costs are killing your business, check out our list of tricks to get discount shipping rates, below.

Five Tricks to Get Discount Shipping Rates and Lower Your Shipping Costs

  1. Get on a shipping schedule.
    Some of the greatest shipping costs aren’t for postage at all. If you have to collect and package your orders every single day, and then drive them down

Finite Element Analysis ConsultingWhat You Never Knew

Written by Small Business Magazine on January 11th, 2017. Posted in Lidar florida, Lidar panama, Lidar surveying and photogrammetry

Civil engineering company in panama

Finite element analysis consulting, as the process of breaking down a large problem or situation into smaller parts in order to solve the big picture, is used in areas such as the structural design of roads and gpr pavement, dams, bridges, oil pipelines, and much more. Civil engineer services are often called in when a structural or maintenance problem arises in any one of these operations in order to analyze and correct the trouble.

A civil engineering company will be called to evaluate problems with anything built by man, as mentioned before, also including buildings, canals, and harbors. Finite element analysis consulti

Preparing Your Investment Property for Optimal Safety

Written by Small Business Magazine on January 10th, 2017. Posted in Fire alarm service tampa, Fire sprinkler contractors atlanta, Fire sprinkler installation ft. lauderdale

Fire sprinkler design

Investment properties can be a great financial decision. It can be a great way to obtain a second property and build credit and equity. However, investment properties require the highest of safety standards. Your investment property will be rented weekly, monthly, or yearly by renters. They expect and deserve to have a place that is safe and secure. Some states and cities even have minimum safety standards for rental properties. When preparing your investment property for renters, remember the following safety features.

Locking and security devices Regardless of the location of the investment property, your home or commercial building should have multiple security features. This includes locks on all the doors, the ability to lock any windows, and in some cases, an alarm and moni

Fire Safety Is Essential for Daycares and Preschools

Written by Small Business Magazine on January 5th, 2017. Posted in Fire protection company tampa, Fire sprinkler contractor tampa, Fire sprinkler repair services

Fire protection systems

As many as 130 little bodies enter your building every day. Some walk in on their own, tightly gripping the hand of their mother or father. Others are carried in asleep in a car seat, barely visible beneath the blankets. Still others are hoisted to the hip of their parent, too big and too heavy for the car seat, but not yet steady enough to make the walk on their own.
No matter how they make their entrance, these 130 little bodies who make their way into your Montessori preschool and daycare center every day are completely dependent on you for their safety. These little ones, as well as their loving and concerned families, rely on you to keep them safe. They rely on you to hire qualified and caring staff to nurture and educate them during the day. The rely on you to make sure that they are fed heal

A Combination System Is Best For Commercial Fire Protection

Written by Small Business Magazine on January 4th, 2017. Posted in Fire protection companies, Fire sprinkler installation, Fire suppression services

Fire alarm repair tampa

An effective commercial fire protection system is essential to a complete safety plan. Hotels and motels collectively lose 76% million in fire damages each year. For businesses that handle files and records, a fire might mean a loss of vital information that could be devastating to future endeavors. If the company hasn’t already, it would be beneficial to look into fire suppression services. You don’t want to wait for a fire inspection before taking the lead on safety measures.

We have all experienced fire drills. In the event of an emergency, it is best if everyone is able to stay calm. This will be easier for them to do if they