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How Can We Be Better Steward of Our Planet’s Water?

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Groundwater contamination is no longer an issue that cannot be taken seriously. Anyone can very easily see how important our groundwater depletion can lead to catastrophic conditions not just for our country but for the Planet as a whole.

Groundwater pollution is a very real threat to the environment and to the very existence of all who live on the Earth. Groundwater remediation and groundwater management hove become areas of science and business that need the special attention of all who are experts in those fields. Without groundwater remediation technologies at w

Increase Your Curb Appeal This Spring With an Asphalt Driveway

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Minor problems with your home?s exterior can bring down its resale value and curb appeal significantly. Even minor cracks in the sidewalks and driveways can turn potential buyers away. It can also cause your house to look the worse on the street. This spring, consider improving both your curb appeal and the value of your house by correcting all of these minor exterior problems. Specifically, focus on the following commonly needed repairs.

Driveway repairs
Your driveway is the second thing that people notice about your home, after the exterior of the house. It is also the first thing that they notice, when they step out of their vehicle. People tend to notice cracked driveways, poorly laid asphalt, and dirty and stained driveways. The good thing is that all of these problems can be

How Often Do You Have Your Office Professionally Cleaned?

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It is flu season.
After you had a fifth employee of your 33 staff team call in sick with a confirmed case of the flu, you took a pretty drastic step. You actually asked a doctor you knew to come into the office and write prescriptions for a flu preventative medication for the rest of the staff. You could not force any of those employees to actually fill the prescription, and the copay for the medicine was as high as $130 for those who had not yet met their deductible, but you had at least provided a tool that could serve as a defense for the rest of your staff succumbing to the contagious condition.
Although the prescriptions were a decent reaction to the fifth case of flu, you also decided to make some decisions that be more preventative, rather than just reactionary. The same day that the d

Are You Looking for a Unique Way to Display End of Year Awards and Recognition?

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Suction cup signs

Your experience with retail displays is showing.
It seems like every organization that you are involved in has discovered your previous background in retail displays and has found a way to use their skills to your advantage. From rebranding the high school show choir home competition to preparing for both club and college gymnastics banquets, your previous experience with display stands, acrylic poster frames, and poster easels, in some ways you feel as if you have never really left that retail displays career. Instead, you have simply rechanneled your efforts into your daughters’ activities.
the first time your previous marketing experience showed itself outside of the confines of your job was w