What Is Patent Litigation?

Written by Small Business Magazine on September 22nd, 2016. Posted in Commercial cases, Judge thomas e. scott, Robert bonner

Judge george pratt

Patent litigation occurs when someone infringes on a patent belonging to an inventor, business, or other entity. In most cases, when someone sues over the rights of a patent, the alleged ?infringer? will counter-sue, claiming that the patent is not valid. There are several ways to handle a patent infringement lawsuit and a number of possible outcomes, including:

Injunction Relief

An injunction orders the infringer to cease the production or sale of the infringing product. It stops them from illegally using your intellectual property, but it does not provide you with compensation.

Exclusion Order

The case may be taken to the International Trade Commission (ITC) if the infringer is a foreign entity and you, the patent owner, are an ?efficiently-run dome